In order to make the set-up of BeezUP easier for online stores using Magento 2, a free plugin developped in cooperation between BeezUP and Magento community is available within Magento 2 Marketplace here.

Thanks to this plugin, in some clicks, you will be able to generate a compatible product feed for BeezUP.
Morever, since version >1.0.0, tracking and order management is available as well.


1 - Setting up of the plugin

2 - Product feed configuration

3 - Product feed address

4 - Need some help ?

1 - Setting up of the plugin

1) To set up the BeezUP-Magento plugin, you just have (like every other module) to go to "System" / "Tools", choose "Web Setup Wizard" and then "Component Manager".

Caution :
We highly encourage you to BACKUP your current module version (files and database) BEFORE uninstalling or upgrading our module.

2) Then go to your store administration panel :"System/Magento Connect/Magento Connect Manager"

3) proceed to the module installation as "usual". If you are not familiar with the process, you can follow this one.

2 - Product feed configuration

Several options are available to set up your product feed :


- Enabled : Yes/No, it is highly recommended to click "Yes".
- Debug Mode : Yes/No, click on "No" unless you wish to export only 10 products to make some tests.
- Catalog price : indicate if your products prices are VAT included or not in your Magento.
- VAT rates : input your home country VAT rate (only used if you put "Excl taxes" to just above "Catalogue price" option).
- Delivery Time if product in stock : input the delivery time following this logic : x-y, for x to y days. Example: 2-3 for 2 to 3 days.
- Delivery Time if product out of stock : do the same for out of stock products.
- Filter out of stock products : Yes/No : you can decide not to export products with a stock level at 0.

- Specific attributes : choose attributes to export (you can add multiple attributes with CTRL).

- Enable HTML in variations : allow to tolerate HTML in your products description fields (see following option)

- Visibility : allows to choose between different "visibility" products you want to export. By default "Catalog, Search, and both"

- Categories Logic : allows to choose between 2 different categories algorithm.

- Child Url Filter : allows to choose the type of URL to use for children products
- Cache delay : allows to save generated file (after a 1st call) in a cache folder for a duration you define.

Do not forget to save your configuration at the top right of the screen once everything is set up!

3 - Product feed address

This plugin generates only one different feed :

=> htttp://

4 - Need some help ?

Feel free to send us a ticket on [email protected] by writing your issue precisely, and, if possible, your Magento admin access.

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