In order to make the set up of BeezUP easier for online stores using Magento, a free plugin developped in cooperation between BeezUP and Magento community is available here :

  • Magento1 1.3 -> 1.9.4 : Module v5.1.3 Here

Thanks to this plugin,in some clicks, you will :

- Generate a compatible product feed for BeezUP
- Set up our sales tracker, an essential feature to make BeezUP tracking up & running.
- Set up your Order Management section, to retrieve and update orders coming from marketplaces (through BeezUP)


1 - Setting up of the plugin

2 - Trackers configuration

3 - Product feed configuration

4 - Product feed address

5 - Order management

a) Marketplace block set-up

b) Retrieve orders

c) Update an order status

d) Ship order automatically

6 - Need some help ?

a) List of most frequent issues

b) Still in trouble?

1 - Setting up of the plugin

To set up the BeezUP-Magento plugin, you just have to upload our module to your FTP account.

If you already own an older plugin version (2.x.x, 3.xx, 4.xx), please uninstall it before installing the new one.
We highly encourage you to BACKUP your current module version (files and database) BEFORE uninstalling or upgrading our module.

2 - Trackers configuration

1) Go to "System/Configuration". Then, click on "BeezUP" in the left section : (At this level, if you have a 404 page, please disconnect and reconnect from your magento admin panel)

2) Several options are available to set up your tracker :

- Enabled : Yes/No : of course it is highly recommended to click "Yes".
- Store ID : paste the store ID you received per e-mail. You can also find it in Account > Stores in BeezUP.
- Calculate product margin : this option allows you, if you put your products cost, to have the margin of your campaigns in BeezUP.
- Total orders amount : choose the kind of amount which will be indicated in BeezUP (recommended: Ecxluded tax without shipping costs).
- Logs : Yes/No. It can be usefull for debugging.

3 - Product feed configuration

Several options are available to set up your product feed :

- Enabled : Yes/No, it is highly recommended to click "Yes".
- Debug Mode : Yes/No, click on "No" unless you wish to export only 10 products to make some tests.
- Filter out of stock products : Yes/No : you can decide not to export products with a stock level at 0.
- Catalog price : indicate if your products prices are VAT included or not in your Magento.
- VAT rates : input your home country VAT rate (only used if you put "Excl taxes" to just above "Catalogue price" option).
- Use Catalog Price Rules : if you want to take price rules into account. (promotions on groups of products)
- Delivery Time if product in stock : input the delivery time following this logic : x-y, for x to y days. Example: 2-3 for 2 to 3 days.
- Delivery Time if product out of stock : do the same for out of stock products.
- Shipping cost - Carrier : if enabled, will allow to calculate exactly your shipping costs as set-up for the selected carrier. If you enable it, below sub-options appear :
- Default shipping carrier : choose the carrier that will be used to calculate your shipping costs
- Default country : choose the country that will be used to calculate your shipping costs
- Shipping cost (if no value found) : this value will only be used if no shipping cost can be calculated with the shipping carrier and country previously set.
- Default shipping cost : if option "Shipping cost - Carrier" is disabled, will be used as default value.
- Enable HTML in variations : allow to tolerate HTML in your products description fields (see following option)
- Product description: choose the description(s) you want to export.
- Specific attributes : choose attributes to export (you can add multiple attributes). Caution: these attributes must be clicked on "Yes" in the section "Used in product listings". New since version 4.6.0 also appear Magento "system" attributes.
- BeezUP server IP address : useless unless you want to limit the access of your feed only to BeezUP servers.
- Key : you can protect your product feed by a unique key (you will have to add it into your export URL).
- Export all available pictures : allows, if your products have several pictures to export them all.
- Cache delay : allows to save generated file (after a 1st call) in a cache folder for a duration you define.
- Category Logic : allows to choose between 2 different categories algorithm. By default use Logic 1.
- Choice of exported products : allows to choose between different "visibility" products you want to export. By default "Catalog, Search, and both"

Do not forget to save your configuration at the top right of the screen once everything is set up!

4 - Product feed address

This plugin generates 3 different feeds you can access independently :

- "Standard" feed : it can be used for BeezUP, essentially for shopbots and/or marketplaces, as long as you do not have any configurable products.
=> htttp://

- "Configurable" feed : it can be used if you want to use both shopbots and marketplaces (with children products), and if you want to have only one store in BeezUP
=> htttp://

- "Child" feed : it can be used only for marketplaces which do not require "parent" products
=> htttp://

5 - Order Management

The plugin Beezup for Magento allows you to publish your products in marketplaces and to automatically :

- Retrieve all marketplace orders

- Update order status ( refuse, ship, cancel )

a) Order Management set-up

1) Start by filling up your Beezup API details : User ID and Primary Token.

You can find this information in the bottom of the page 'Detail/Api'.
Save and, if the API details are correct, you'll see the sign next to 'API BeezUP Connection status' turn to a green 'ok' ( screenshot : 1bis)

2) Once connection is confirmed, new fields will appear and you'll be able to map the status of BeezUP order with the status you're used to working with.
Then, everytime an order from a marketplace will be sent by BeezUP, it will appear in your order section in Magento with the status you've chosen.
If you change the mapping, remember to save the set-up.

3) If you have multi shops in Magento, you can match your Magento shops to your BeezUP shops. Remember to save your modifications.

4) Here you'll be able to define the order in which the products matching will be done. By default, our module will try on "Unique identifier" (database IDs) and SKU. If you use one of these 2 common identifiers to identify your products on marketplaces, then you don't need to modify anything in this part.

If you have doubts about the field you have to use, you have to check in the mega mapping the field mapped as ID/SKU in Beezup. If you still have doubts,contact us. If this is not ID or SKU, then choose the right attribute in this section.

5) Here you can choose the default payment method for each order which comes from marketplaces.

6) This option ( deactivated by default), allows you - if activated - to force the import of order containing at least one out of stock product. Be careful to activate this option only if you're not using Magento order management or if you know the consequences if you activate this option.

If you leave it deactivated, orders containing out of stock products will be ignored and you'll have to cancel them directly from the marketplaces.

b) Retrieve orders

You have 2 options to retrieve and update your orders.

- Several Manually : You just have to click on the link (8a) after updating the date of synchronisation to the date you want to start to retrieve your orders ( 7 ). ( Change the date, save, then click on the link ).
Everytime you retrieve your orders, the date will be set to the current date, so you can retrieve from this date the next time you'll retrieve/update orders.

Once you click on the link, don't close the page, wait for the connection status (9) to be done.

- Several Automatically : Install a CRON task on your server . You'll have to use the link 8a or 8b depending on the CRON engine your using.
f you're not familiar with CRON task, ask your webmaster.

- One order Manually : if you want to retrieve only one specific order, for instance if that order was not automatically retrieved for a lack of stock or for any other reason, you can choose between "Separated data" or "go.beezup order link" , and depending on the option (11) :

> report, identically the 3 values you can see in BeezUP, and then click on "Get Order"

=> if everything is ok, you'll then be redirected to the newly created order.

Note : Debug Mode option (10) should be set to "Enabled" ONLY on pre-production website, since it automatically creates products if no product matching is found.

c) Update an order status

Once you've retrieved your orders in your Magento orders list - please note that you can find all your BeezUP orders within your orders subsection "BeezUP Orders", you'll see a "Beezup info" zone which gives you information about the order :

- Order ID in Beezup and order ID in the marketplace

- Order status in Beezup and in the marketplace

- Dates ( purchase date, last modification date ( marketplace ), last modification ( BeezUP )

- Paid Amount

- Marketplace that generated the order

- If available, sales commission

If you need more details, you can click on the link (12) which will send you on the order page in Beezup.

In (11) you have the actions that are possible at the moment. In the example, at the moment, you can whether send or cancel the order. If you click on one of this action, you'll have a pop up where you can enter information that are necessary for the action.

When it's done, your order will synchronize ( within a few minutes ) and pass to it' new status during the next synchronization.

If needed, you can force the update of the order by clicking on (13) resynchronize

d) Ship order automatically

Since our module version 4.7.1, orders can be automatically transmitted as "shipped" to marketplaces, as long as :

- "Auto-shipment" section is enabled within our module
- mandatory information, depending on each marketplace is well indicated (at least tracking number) on the order that needs to be shipped, through the creation of a "shipment".
- carrier mapping is done within our module / for marketplaces that have a closed list of accepted values.

In such conditions, if you (or a third module) set to "shipped" a marketplace order (coming from BeezUP), then it will be automatically be transmitted to the related marketplace !

Here's the setup zone in our module :

6 - Need some help ?

a) List of most frequent issues



Issue encountered



Exported feed

The image link is not complete, it exports only "" for all products.

Replace "getImage()" by "getSmallImage()" in the file app\code\community\Magentix\BeezUp\Block\Xml.php


Exported feed

Only 10 products are exported.

The "Debug mode is activated", please disable this option to export all your products


Exported feed

My website is in several languages, how can I choose the language for the export?

Just add you language in the export URL :


Exported feed

Some selected attributes are not exported (they remain empty).

Exported attributes (Description, manufacturer....) must have the option "Used in product listing" set at "YES" (Catalog->attributes->manage attributes).


Exported feed

My website is mutli stores, how can I choose to export products from on specific site?

Just add ?___store=storeName at the end of URL. You will obtain this :


Exported feed

My website has configurable products (several sizes, colors...), how can I export it respecting BeezUP specifications for products with parent/child variations on marketplaces? (please find the specifications HERE).

Just call this feed URL : or if you wish to export only child products (without parents)


Exported feed

My feed for parent/children products, "", contains only products with variants but no "simple" products. And I would like to have those products included in my "configurable" feed .

A patch has been developped to export parent/children products with variations AND simple products in the feed "configurable".
Just replace the following folders, available only for 2.x.x versions :

  • Xml.php file: app\code\community\Magentix\BeezUp\Block

  • Products.php file: app\code\community\Magentix\BeezUp\Model

On 3.x.x versions, you just need to replace one file :

  • Xml.php file: app\code\community\BeezUp\Block


Exported feed

Some products are not exported or do not have their category filled.

By default, module (3.x.x only) exports only products with full category tree : one category level 1, one category level 2, etc. One ticked category per category level until the deepest category level is reached..

If your categories are not ticked all the way long, but only at deepest level, then this patch is for you.

You then just need to replace, only for 3.x.x versions this file "Products.php" in : app\code\community\BeezUp\Model

b) Still in trouble?

If you still have export problems with this plugin, you can keep it to handle only the tracking, and use another free plugin such as this one for exportations.

Feel free to send us a ticket (by clicking the « Help » button after logging into your BeezUP account). by writting your issue precisely, and, if possible, your Magento admin access.

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