Since Powerboutique is a BeezUP partner, it is very easy to install BeezUP on your shop Powerboutique:

1) Feed product
You can provide us the product feed generated by PoweBoutique at the adress :

2) Sales tracker

Regarding the sales tracker, you can activate it yourself by following the instructions :

a - In your PowerBoutique backoffice, click on the menu 'Statistiques', then 'Installation Tags de Tracking'

b - On the right top, click on 'Créer un code R.O.I'

c - Enter "Beezup Sale" for the fields 'Name' and 'Description'

d - Copy-paste the following code in the field 'code marqueur', don't forget to replace ENTER_YOUR_STOREID_HERE by your storeId

<img src="*ref_commande_pwb*&TotalCost=*montant_commande_pwb*&ValidPayement=true"/>

e - Tick "Paiement par chèque" and "Page merci paiement"

Note : if you applied a specific graphic template ( via the function HTML template integration ), you have to add in your template the ROI code *roi_name_generated_by_PowerBoutique* and choose the pages where you want to apply this ROI.

More details about template here

f - Save the code

g - Activate it

* : If you wish to do a manual validation of the payment by check , you can generate a specific code for this page. In order to do that, you have to do the same thing but put the Validpayment variable at false and check payment by check.

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