It is possible that an order is not automatically collected although you set correctly a CRON task, as explained here.


1 - Identifying the origin of the issue and solving it

2 - Manually synchronizing the order

1 - Identifying the origin of the issue and solving it

> Case n°1: The ordered product is out of stock.

If you want to get orders containing products not in stock on your Magento, you have to enable, in our module, the option "Allow creating orders with non available products (Beta Version)" :

Note that option is in beta version, hence might not work on all Magento stores.

> Case n°2: The field corresponding to the product id is not mapped in Magento module.

Collecting orders is not possible without knowing which field is used as product "identifier".
This field may differ depending on the marketplaces, you must ensure that all the fields potentially used as identifier (SKU) by the marketplaces are mapped in our module.
It is definitely possible to map several references, as shown below:

2 - Manually synchronizing the order

Once you identified the reason of the issue and you corrected it following the indications above, you have to synchronize the order.

In order to do this, go to "BeezUP API Credentials / Synchronize a specific order" in our Magento module, then select " order link"

You, then, just have to Copy-paste the URL of the order details page on BeezUP


The order is now synchronized, and a link to it appears.

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