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1. Creating an account
1. Creating an account

Create your BeezUP account, choose an offer and add your first store

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1. Registration

To register on BeezUP, you just have to click on the following link: HERE

To create an account, just enter a login (your e-mail) and a password

Create account BeezUP

⚠️ CAUTION: please make sure to use a real e-mail address (no accounts such as yopmail..). Your password must at least have 6 characters (with one upper case, one lower case and one number).

2. Personal information

Once registered, our system needs some information about you:

  1. Enter your personal details

  2. Click on "save"

3. Activation of your account

A new page appears asking you to activate your account through a link sent on your e-mail :


Please check your mailbox and click on the link given.

Caution: Check your spams. If the problem remains, just go back to and click on "Send a new e-mail" and check your mailbox again.

4. Subscription

Once your account is activated, get in touch with your BeezUP contact so that you can receive a quote tailored to your needs.

Then when you’ll receive it, follow these steps :

  • Enter your billing information, making sure - if you are a non-French European company- to enter your VAT intracom number.

Also if you want to receive your bills on a specific email (in addition to the email used to create your account) you have to indicate it here :

  • Fill in with your credit card details, specifying your first name and family name :

  • A summary of your subscription is then displayed:

1 - Read carefully de summary of your subscription

3 - Confirm your subscription

If your payment is accepted, your subscription is then taken into account.

5. Adding your first store

You are now in the page dedicated to your stores. All you have to do is creating a new store in that page :


1. Enter the store name, the URL (please do not forget the extension to make sure your URL will be validated) and the country.

Note: Each store created is available for only one country (if you wish several countries, you will have to create new stores)

2. Chose the categories your store belongs to.

3. Click on "Add" to create your store

Your store is created, and you are now redirected to your BeezUP store's home page.

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