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a) Interface

b) Additional options

a) Costs

b) Categories

a) Cache status

b) Exports history

1 - Add a channel

To add a new channel, please click on the plus sign on the left side of the channel logo. After you clicked on the channel of your choice, it will appear automatically in your listings.

NB: to add marketplaces (rueducommerce, priceminister, amazon for example...), go in the section "Integration marketplaces" to follow the process which is necessary for their integration.


So that the new added channel accepts your catalog, it is important that the diodes "categories" and "mapping" are both green and not red.


2 - Mapping

a) Interface

In most cases, the BeezUP software associates automatically the columns of your catalog with the columns of the selected network.

However, if your "mapping" is green, it is useful to check manually that the fields are well associated.


1. Reset of the mapping

By clicking on this button, the default matching will be re-set (use this option if many modifications have been made and to have the original mapping).

2. Choice of displayed product

By default, product data from a random product is displayed, you can either decide to display another random product, or specify the desired product by setting its SKU (internal product SKU of your product catalogue)

3. Matching of the fields of your catalog

This part corresponds to the fields required for each selected channel.

You only have to select your fields in the lists so that they match those of the available channels

The Mapping tab allows you to create personalized fields, by clicking on the "+" button.

Ex: add the IVA in the field exclusive of tax.

Important: if you change the mapping, do not forget to save your changes with the "Save and stay" or "Save" buttons.

b) Additional options

At the bottom of the Mapping page there are options you can select.

  • "Do not export "out of stock" products": Click on this option if want to avoir sending products which are not available. Note that this is based on the "Availability" field from the selected channel, if value are "In Stock" or "Out of Stock". Or if no such field, on the "Availability field of the import)

  • "BeeZUP tracking for my statistics (activated by default)", Three possibilities (only 2 could appear) :

    • No BeezUP Tracking : The tracking system will be not activated

    • Standard Tracking : It is the normal tracking, this option add the BeezUP tracker link in the product url field.

    • Paralelle Tracking : New Google Shopping specification tracker, here you can find more information about how it works and how to set it.

3 - Categories

On this tab, there is a cost and a category section.

a) Costs

This section allows you to indicate the cost of your products, which has been previously negociated with your country-manager for each network. Those costs are required, so that you can analyze correctly your satistics.


1. You can select the channel of your choice.

2. By ticking this box, you can only visualize categories, which have not been categorized yet.

3. You can see that there are several costs:

CPC = Cost per Click

CPA = Cost per Action

Fixed = Fixed amount (per month)

4. After having set the type of costs, you can choose between a cost by category and a global cost.

- Cost by category = Set the cost given by your country-manager for each selected channel in the appropriate category.

- Global cost = Set the cost given and it will be automatically inserted for all categories.

NB : In some cases, it is possible that a cost is displayed by default. We advise you to check if this your real cost for the selected category.

5. Save your costs here

b) Categories

There are two possibilities:

The channel does not need a categorization.

In this case, the channel is in charge of publishing your products in their own categories. In this case, it is written "this network does not need a categorisation".


The network needs a categorization


1. It is your category

2. Hierarchy of your category

3. These tabs allow you to select categories from the channel where your products for "1" category have to be visible

4. Save your category here

4 - Last exports

This page gives you the cache status and history of different times the channel came to upload the feed.

a) Cache status

To avoid unnecessary heavy calculations, BeezUP uses "cache" for its export files.
This part provides you with cache status visibility. Here are its different possible values :


- "No cache" : There's no cache, you either just added this channel or deleted its cache. Next exportation will regenerate cache and will therefore be up to date.
- "Building" : A recent export call occured, and initiated generation, export will be available shortly (within several minutes maximum)
- "Valid" : Cache is valid and available.
- "Invalid" : Cache is available but not valid since a recent modification happened ("Las modification time"), but is earlier than "Cache expiration time"
2 possible options : Wait for "cache expiration time" or click on "Delete cache" and therefore force its regeneration at next call
- "Ready for regeneration" : cache is not valid anymore since its expiration date has been reached. Next export call will regenerate cache and be therefore up to date again.

b) Exports history

This part gives you, for each recorded export, these details :

- The date and hour

- The duration of the download


- The status of the cache (ie: if the feed is directly "available in cache or if it has to be "generated" for the request)

- The number of exported products

- The IP address of the server

- The UserAgent of the server

You have a global overview of the channels and of their updates.

5 - Exclusions

This section allows you to define filters that will be applied on your products during exportation for each channel.
It's therefore possible to define a large number of conditions on which your products will be excluded and to group conditions together.


On this example, it was decided not to export :

- products where quantity is lower than 50
- products where title contains the word "used" and where quantity is lower than 10

Important :

  • Products counter displayed on "Channels" Page doesnt take into account exclusions.

  • Please note that the exclusion "Is in list A|B|C" can take up to 4000 characters maximum

Copy Exclusions to: It's also possible to copy your exclusion to an other channels by clicking on : Action -> Copy exclusion to..., and you have just to select the marketplaces or comparators on which you want to apply the exclusion:


6 - Product edition

This section allows you, for a channel, to modify all values of a specific product, field per field.

For that, you only have to click on 'Edit a new product' and look for the product you want to edit, by looking for its SKU, or by the optimisation page on clicking on the product title ( you have to choose only one channel in optimisation in order to do this )

Once the right product to edit is found, you can choose any field and enter the new value that will override the existing one.

Back to the first page, you can see the list of your editions on this channel and you can use the product selection to find a specific edition.


On this example, we :

- changed the "cabinet" price from 499 to 485

Important : if you want to do "mass" replacements, we highly advise you to use personalized fields.

7 - Informations

This undertab allows you to obtain much information on the selected network: a description, its economic model, the statistics, the promotions reserved to the BeezUP users and how to contact it.

8 - Link to export

To export your catalog to the channel, you have to copy the link and send it to the selected network:


To put directly this link in the back office or put the URL to your country-manager.

Important : You must already have an account on the channel you wish to publish your products

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