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Marketplace Orders Management
Marketplace Orders Management
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Order Management Introduction

BeezUP solution allows you to, easily, manage orders coming from marketplaces.
By clicking on "Orders" tab in your BeezUP store, you can directly see all received orders but also update their status.

This article will tell you more about how it works.

1 - See your orders

Once on the "Orders" page, you can choose which orders to display, by using the following filters :


- Order purchase date : dates selection with "before" and "after".
- Marketplace that generated the order
- Order ID
- Status
These status are "BeezUP" status, with the following definition :

  • New : this order just appeared on the marketplace, you need to accept (or refuse) it.

  • In progress : this order is being prepared, once ready : ship it.

  • Canceled : this order has been canceled either by yourself, or the customer.

  • Shipped : this order has been shipped.

  • Closed : this order has reached a final status, it cannot be updated anymore.

  • Undefined : status given by the marketplace is not recognized by BeezUP.

  • Not provided : no status info given by the marketplace.

Important note : depending on marketplaces, all status might not be available, and possible actions might also be different.

Then click on "Apply filters" to only display orders matching your filters.

You can then either view detail of any order, or export all orders in a CSV file with all details (customer, product orders).

2 - Update one order status

Once you've identified the order to update, just click on the magnifying glass to see its details.
You can then see :

- Order details

  • ID

  • Creation date

  • Marketplace status

  • BeezUP status

  • Total amount

  • And some other details coming from the marketplace

- Shipping and customer infos (not all details are available on all marketplaces)

  • Customer name

  • Shipping adress and details

  • Phone #

  • Email

- Available options to update the chosen order
On the below example, it's possible to refuse the order or ship it by mentioning carrier name, shipping method, and tracking #.
Once clicked on the action of your choice, and confirmed, your order will switch to "synchronizing", until the marketplace confirms the status update.


3 - Order Management API

In order to manage your orders within your own ecommerce solution, BeezUP provides an API that allows you to perform the following actions :

- Retrieve all marketplace orders
- Get details of a specific order (products, shipping, buyer, etc)
- Update order status (by providing tracking infos)

In order to set-up and use this API, a full documentation with a call simulator is available within "My API" section

Credentials you'll need to use it, are "User ID" and "Token", they can be found in the bottom part of "Detail"


4 - Orders Auto-accept

Some marketpaces (Cdiscount, RueduCommerce, PriceMinister, etc) require to initially "accept" orders, before being able to ship them.
In some cases, provided data of non accepted ("new) orders are limited and are available only after acceptation.
See for instance question 4 of Cdiscount FAQ.

In order to avoid having to manually (or through API) "accept" orders, BeezUP can do it for you ! With the auto-acceptation feature, once enabled, all "new" incoming order will be automatically accepted.

In order to choose which marketplace to enable, you just need to go to "Auto Accept" page within your "Orders" section.
You are then free to choose among all available marketplaces, on which you want to enable this "auto accept" feature.
Do not forget to save your settings!

Warning : BeezUP cannot be held responsible for any consequences of an order auto-accept if you then cannot ship it.


5 - Invoice Generation

Thanks to BeezUP you can edit your own invoices, with some customized elements.
In order to generate invoices, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to "Invoice Settings" section located in the main left menu below "Orders"

  2. Define your general settings: language to use (french or english), VAT rate on products and shipping, Invoice number prefix (so that all your orders number start with the same value), and number from which starting order generation.

    Do not forget to save your settings.

  3. Set your invoices design :
    Within section "Invoice Settings" page, your be able to customize both header & footer using HTML editor.
    Do not hesitate, if you know HTML, to directly use "code" mode by clicking on 1st button "<>".


    Do not forget to save your settings.

  4. Once your settings are saved, for any order you can then click on "Generate Invoice" available in 2 locations: in your order list and on each order page.


    A validation page will then appear on which you can -if needed- change your invoice number before generating your invoice.
    Once generated, if you want to save it as a PDF, use your browser print as pdf feature.

Warning : BeezUP cannot be held responsible for any consequences of an invoice not being satisfying your country regulations.

6 - Orders push notifications

Since early 2021, BeezUP deployed a new innovative feature: Orders push notifications.
Rather than using old fashioned "Pull" that makes your server calling BeezUP API at a predefined frequency to get hypothetically new or updated orders, you can now subscribe to BeezUP order events.
It actually means that every time a new order is fetched or updated on BeezUP side, we contact your server right away, through the predefined set URL.

Benefits : BeezUP originated orders update time minimization & numbers of call being also significantly reduced

Setup : Go to sub menu "Orders" > "Push notifications", all details are available there.

👉Please, note that to benefit from this functionality, a development should be done on your side, if you have general questions on the use of this functionality, do not hesitate to contact our support team, If your have a technical questions, you you can contact our developers directly here

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