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Alerts : how does it work ?

BeezUP allows you to be alerted once some specific events happen on your store.

This feature is available through the "Alerts" page which can be found from "Importation".


At the moment, only such import alerts are available :

- Once an importation is successful

- Once an importation is failing

- Once your catalogue products number changes by more than x% (positive or negative variation) : you can define the variation percentage that triggers the alert.

- Once you didn't get any importation for N days : this alert is transmitted only once, the nth day without importation.

You can enable/disable any alerts of your choice, and modify (when applicable) their settings. Do not forget to then save your settings before leaving the page.

On this example, the merchant has chosen to receive alerts for each failing importation and when that has been more than 2 days without succesful importation.

Who receives the email ?

Alerts are tranmitted to stores' owners, on the email set in "Details"

If you are not the owner of the store, you need to ask the owner to share his store as decribed here.
Once shared, you can access the alerts zone for this shared store, as decribed on the 1st picture of this article for the store "demo@charles".

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