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Cdiscount : products publication
Cdiscount : products publication
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This procedure aims to explain to you how to use BeezUP to publish your products on the Cdiscount marketplace.

Cdiscount marketplace et BeezUP


1. Prerequisites to know to integrate Cdiscount marketplace

a. Mandatory EAN

First, it is essential to know that only products with an EAN are accepted as standard by Cdiscount.

b. Update frequencies and methods

Publications of offers to Cdiscount take place every 2 hours.

These publications are made in "update" mode, only the following offers are transmitted with each new publication:

  • offers modified since the last publication in success

  • offers in error during the previous publication
    Example of error: Product: Non-existent - Create your product on Cdiscount in order to position an offer on it

  • offers that have disappeared since the last publication, indicating a stock of 0. Example of error: Stock: Non-existent - Request creation in the “Product creation” section of the seller interface

Note: if your offers are strictly identical to those of the last successful publication, the new publication will be ignored ("skipped").

Product publications to Cdiscount take place every 2 hours in "differential" mode, only products following are transmitted:

  • products modified since the last publication in success

  • products in error during the previous publication
    Example of error: Product: Non-existent - Create your product on Cdiscount in order to position an offer on it

✅ Note: if you nevertheless wanted to submit all your products, you can trigger a manual publication via the "Publish" menu on the "Publications" page.

2. Integration procedure

2 cases are then possible:

Case A: your products are already known to Cdiscount (EAN recognized or products already created)

✔️ Within BeezUP, add “Cdiscount API” within the “Channels” tab.

✔️ Carry out the mapping of the “Cdiscount API” in order to transmit, at a minimum, all the mandatory fields. For more information on each field, you can go to your Cdiscount space.​​

✅ Note: categorization is not necessary if you only want to send offers.

✔️ Then go to the API Settings tab and enter your SellerId (authorization required for the REST API). To obtain your SellerId:

  1. Create an API Ticket at
    Click on “Contact us”
    Subtype: Authentication/Access/Environment
    Message: Please authorize my API developer (Client Id: BeezUP) to access my seller account and associated information

  2. After confirmation, your SellerId will be available in your Cdiscount back office.

✔️ To check whether shipments are being made correctly to Cdiscount, you can consult the "Latest publications" tab which will give you all the details necessary for possible modifications to your feed and/or mapping. ​

Note: in case you receive this error message on one or more offers
"EAN: Unknown reference. You must create your product before placing an offer, or place an offer on an already existing product using the EAN ".
So see Case B below 👇

✔️ If everything is OK, your products are ready to purchase and your orders will be collected by BeezUP automatically! 🙌

Good sales!

⏩ Case B: your products are not known to Cdiscount (EAN unknown)

✔️ In the “Networks” tab of BeezUP, add “Cdiscount API

✔️ Categorize the products you want to create at Cdiscount

✔️ Carry out the mapping of "Cdiscount API" in order to transmit in addition to the mandatory fields the following fields:

  • gtin (ProductEan)

  • SKUs

  • brand

  • description

  • title

  • sellerPictureUrl1, sellerPictureUrl2, etc.

👉 For more information on each field, you can consult the documentation

Note: Following the latest update on the Cdiscount marketplace, it is now possible to send only fields with mandatory status for the marketplace, those that are available on your GO2 BeezUP store.

Fields with recommended status or optional status will be available soon.

Variations of product:

  • If your products are declined, please ensure that your source feed follows this format.

  • Only send “child” type products. You can use the Filtering - Stock fields to filter parent products.

  • Correctly map the VariantGroupReference field to your ParentSKU type values ​​for declined products (variations).

  • Don't forget to map the required fields for product variations: size and/or color

✔️ Check the “Enable product publication” box within “API Settings” of Cdiscount API.

✔️ Once your products have been accepted and integrated by Cdiscount,
proceed to Case A

  • New sellers are limited to 50 products created per hour, experienced sellers can have a quota of 10,000 products created per hour.

  • Concerning offer publications, each package can contain a maximum of 200,000 offers.

3. Impact of SOAP -> REST migration

Shipping method

The new codes for Cdiscount delivery methods:









Express delivery











Note: sellers using the modules will have to update their mapping by integrating the new delivery methods.

Order management

  • RelayID. As part of the migration, the RelayId, previously present twice in the order information (order_RelayId and order_Shipping_CompanyName), will now only be retrieved in order_RelayId. The order_Shipping_CompanyName field will contain the name of the relay point.

  • Fees for payment in installments are no longer indicated in the order details.

  • Valid cancellation reasons before shipping:



    All others can be used after delivery.

Need help ?

You encounter difficulties with your publication to Cdiscount, we invite you to contact our support via chat 💬

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