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Cdiscount : products publication
Cdiscount : products publication
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1 - Prerequisite

2 - Integration process

3 - Specific case: products with variations

1 - Requirements

1) Required EANs
First of all, it is essential to know that only products with an EAN (or an ISBN) are accepted by Cdiscount.
=> If you wish to publish your products without EAN, it's sometimes possible to create the offer but you have to ask to your Cdiscount account manager.

2) Frequencies & update types
Offers are automatically updated by our API every 2 hours. We are sending offers in "update" mode :
Publications only send offers matching these criteria:
- modified offers since last successful publication
- last publication failed offers
- deactivated (or removed or filtered) offers since last publication : are sent with stock=0
Note: if your offers are all exactly similar to last successful publication, next publication will be skipped.

Products are every 2 hours, using a differential approach: only following products are submitted to Cdiscount, within a maximum of 9k products at once:
- products that were never successfully sent to Cdiscount
- products that were never recognized as already existing by Cdiscount.
Note: if for some reasons you wanted to publish all your exported products with no exception, you can trigger a manual publish through "Publish" in "Publications" page.

In order to turn them on, you need to enable the option in Cdiscount "API settings" page - within BeezUP.

3) API credentials are not the same as your account Cdiscount / C le marché
In order to publish products through API, you have to fill your API credentials as shown on the picture below. These credentials can be found and managed in your Cdiscount seller account within "Manage your account / your personnal settings and bank details"
Note : the login is the same as your 'normal' account with '-api' at the end. however, password is not always the same. If you don't know it, you can reset it by using "Reset your API password" and you'll receive a new one by email. You'll then be able to change it within BeezUP Api settings page.

2 - Integration process

1) Create your seller account on Cdiscount :

Then there are 2 options :

Case A : Your products already exist in Cdiscount ( recognized EAN )

2) In BeezUP, add the channel Cdiscount API in 'Channels'
3) Do the mapping of Cdiscount API in order to send, at least, the required information
Note : For offers only, Categorization is not necessary for Cdiscount API

4) Go to the API settings tab and enter your login and password ( you can find them in your Cdiscount back office in "Manage your account / your personal settings and bank details" ) then click on save.
If you have a doubt concerning your password see point 4 in the requirements.


5) If you want to see if publications are working properly, you can check the tab "last publications" which gives you details about needed modifications in the feed or in the mapping.

6) If everything is ok, your products are ready to be purchased

Note : If Cdiscount authorized you to publish your products without EANs and that they created your products ( CASE B ), your feed for Cdiscount API doesn't need EANs anymore, you can just create an empty personalized field for the required field EAN.

Case B : Your products don't exist in Cdiscount ( unknown EAN )

2) In Beezup, add the channel Cdiscount API in 'Channels'
3) Categorize the products you wish to create on Cdiscount
4) Complete the mapping of Cdiscount APi in order to send the required fields + the following fields :
ProductKind - warning, limited list of accepted values
Couleur_principale - warning, limited list of accepted values
Typedepublic - warning, limited list of accepted values
Genre - warning, limited list of accepted values

Be careful, some fields are required depending on the type of products. If you need more information about each field, you can read the documentation

Note : If you have variant products, you have to :
- Send only children products. (filter "parent" products)
- Map the parentID or parentSku to the "SellerProductFamily" field
- Indicate "variant" in the field "Nature du produit" for children products
- Make sure to map these fields : Size and SellerProductColorName

5) Tick "Activate product publication" within Cdiscount API's "API settings" page

6) Once your products are accepted and integrated by Cdiscount you can go back to CASE A

Need Help ?

If you encounter some difficulties, you can read Cdiscount FAQ before sending a request to our support team.

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