The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your products and manage your orders on AliExpress marketplace.



1 - Product feed integration

2 - Order management


1) AliExpress Account

AliExpress, famous chinese marketplace belonging to Alibaba group is now accessible to european merchants: french, spanish, italian and turquish.
If your company is registered in one of these 4 countries, you can then create a seller account here.

2) Products listing
Unlike most marketplaces, products published on AliExpress are listed as unique ads and not as products with potentially several multi-merchants offers.
This "ads" model is similar to eBay.
Other AliExpress specific: published ads can be multi-languages, and if you push only one language, AliExpress will then automatically (for free) translate them!

3) Token expiration
AliExpress' token expire after 30 days.
Our support team will then, every 30 days, contact you to remind you that your token is expired, so that you can generate a new one, as detailed below in Product integration's step 2

1 - Product integration on AliExpress

In order to publish your products on AliExpress, please proceed as follow :

  1. Once "Aliexpress API" is added, go to the "mapping" page and map, as usual, your fields with AliExpress ones, at least mandatory ones.
    Please note, some AliExpress specific ones:
    - Product_unit: This field is used to indicate to AliExpress which unit count you are using for your products. If you for instance sell your products by kilograms, or grams...
    Most of the time, if you send by "unit", just use 100000015 code.
    - shipping_template_id : as you may have already seen on some other marketplaces, this field is used to indicate the ID of the shipping template created on AliExpress seller zone. Please go to this page to create it.
    - inventory_deduction_strategy: used to choose among 2 potential inventory level deduction strategies. Read the field description to know more about it.

  2. To authorize BeezUP to connect to your AliExpress account, please go to "API settings" page and click on "Retrieve your Authorization code", you'll then be redirected to AliExpress seller zone where you'll be able to confirm that you re giving us access.
    If all good, you'll then be redirected to BeezUP "API settings" page with an auth code displayed.

  3. On this same "API settings" page, tick "Activate ads publication", and save.

2 - AliExpress' order management

BeezUP allows you, for AliExpress to:
- get your orders
- ship your orders

Please note that it's not currently possible neither to refuse an order, nor to cancel it.
In order to enable AliExpress Order management go to "API settings" page:

  1. Make sure that "Deactivate order management (unticked by default)" is unticked

  2. Save settings.

  3. "API settings" button must turn green, you can now turn on this "AliExpress API" channel: your orders will then show up on orders page within 30 mins maximum.

    Good sales on AliExpress through BeezUP!

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