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eBay: products publication
eBay: products publication
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eBay is a worlwide marketplace with its own rules. This article will explain to you how to use BeezUP to publish your products on eBay.


1 - Prerequisite

2 - Integration process

3 - Templates

4 - Case of products with parent/child variations relationship

1 - Prerequisite

1) An eBay business account and a PayPal Business account are mandatory

We highly recommend you to create a business account on eBay, in order to increase your visibility and to give more confidence to your customers. Moreover, you will have to link this account to a PayPal Business account.
For further information about how to create and link these two accounts, please click here.

2) "Store" option highly recommended

Creating your eBay "store" is not mandatory, but we highly advise you to create it. Without a store, you may have to pay extra fees on every added product (find selling fees here). With the "Store"option, in France, you will not have to pay any extra fees. Moreover, you will be able to publish products with an "unlimited" duration (GoodTillCancelled - GTC) : you will not have to reactivate your products at the end of each listing duration.

3) Products published every 4 hours

Your products are published on eBay every 4 hours.
For each update :

- New products are added (function "addfixedpriceitem" in eBay)
- Modified products are updated (function "revisefixedpriceitem" in eBay)
- Products with a quantity at 0, or products which are not in your feed anymore are deleted (function "endfixedpriceitem")
- Products that re-appear, are relisted (function "relist" in eBay)

4) Delete all already published products before starting with BeezUP

If you already had products published on eBay before using BeezUP, we advise you to remove all of them (manually or through your previous ebay management tool) before publishing through BeezUP. Thanks to this, no conflict will be encountered.

2 - Integration process

1) Create your business account on

2) Once you are back in BeezUP, go to "My listings" page, and add eBay.

3) Categorize your products (please categorize your products as deep as you can into eBay's category tree).

4) In the "Mapping" section, make sure that all required fields are filled.

5) Once your product feed is ready (with the categorization and all fields mapped), go to "API settings" section and :
a. In the configuration section, click on the link to retrieve your token and authorize BeezUP to connect to your eBay account.
b. Login into eBay, confirm that you allow BeezUP to manage your eBay account. (During this process, it is possible that eBay call you back and give you a code to fill in).
c. If everything is OK, you will be redirected to the "API settings" page on BeezUP, with your token successfully saved.

6) If your token is well saved, you then just have to set some required information into the "API settings" page:
a. Paypal email address: this e-mail is mandatory, because eBay needs at least one Paypal account linked to an eBay store.
b. Postal code/Zipcode: set your company zipcode.
c. Country: country where products will be shipped from
d. Listing duration: choose the listing duration that will be used for all your products. As described in the "Prerequisite" section, we advise you to choose "unlimited" only if you own an "eBay store". CAUTION: if you choose another duration (not unlimited), BeezUP will not republish automatically your products at the end of the chosen period.
e. Currency: please choose your prices currency.
f. Payment method: PayPal is selected by default, but if you want to choose some other one(s), you are at the right place (max 2).
g. Delivery method: choose your delivery method by default for all your products. If you want to select particular methods for some products, please do it from the "mapping" through a personnalized field (in that case you need to type the shipping method EXACTLY as described here.
h. Returns conditions: these conditions will be displayed at the bottom of your ads. For further information please visit eBay help center.
i. Template HTML: you can put here your design template, see belowf for more infos.

7) If you want to check that your products are correctly published on eBay, our "Last Publications" page will give you all details you need to see if you need any changes on your feed and/or mapping.

8) If everything is working fine, your products are ready to be sold on eBay!

Good eBay sales with BeezUP!

3 - Templates

If you want to send ads with specific HTML templates, several fields are available :

  • Description-template: please match this field with the products description you want to use in your template. Caution : in order not to disturb the template, the HTML will be clean from the description.

  • Template-HTML : use this field, from "API settings page" to insert, your announces template. To make it dynamic, some fields are available and must be inserted as specify below :

Value to fill in the template

Field concerned



[PictureURL_templateX] (1 -> 8)

Several images for template use only




Shipping cost


Product description without HTML


Product description with HTML


Product name

If you want your template to be different per product, then you need to insert your template code through the mapping page, Important notes

  • Your template must be integrated through a personnalized field, surrounded with single quotes: 'YOUR TEMPLATE HERE'

  • It is important to make sure you replaced or deleted every sinple quote that could create a conflict with the ones surrounding your template. We advise you to replace every single quotes by double quotes : "

  • If your template contains JS code, there is a chance of conflict with our display system. If this happens, please delete the JS code.

4 - Case of products with parent/child variations relationship

If your product feed contains products with parent/child relations, and that you need these products to be displayed on only one page, please read these important comments :

  • Your product feed must respect our specifications about parent/child relationships. Please click here.

  • Please "mapp" the following fields:

Note: unlike other marketplaces, eBay accepts one listing per size or color, it's not mandatory to consolidate different sizes/colors on one unique ad.

Need some help?

If you have trouble publishing on eBay, please read this FAQ before sending us a ticket.

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