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Veepee: product publication
Veepee: product publication
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Veepee marketplace

The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your products and manage your orders on Veepee marketplace.


1. Prerequisites to know before distributing your products on Veepee marketplace

  1. PinkConnect

    The product management portal on Veepee is PinkConnect. Your Veepee account manager will give you the credentials that will allow you to manage your online store.

    ⏩ Log in via this link once you have obtained your credentials.

  2. Product specifications
    To update the product feed, VeePee needs three feeds: "price", "product", "stock".
    On the BeezUP side, configure the "BeezUP Veepee FRA" channel and contact our technical support to then obtain the three sub-feeds that will be transmitted to the marketplace.

2. Product feed integration

In order to integrate your products on VeePee FRA:

  1. Once added, go to the "mapping" page of the "Veepee FRA" channel and map your fields with Veepee fields.

  2. Contact our support department indicating that you need the 3 feeds for VeePee FRA. The setting up of the feed will be very fast.

  3. Then send these three feeds (the url must start with "") to your Veepee account manager, who will take care of the implementation.
    Note that these "sub-feeds" are all updated. the two hours.

3. Order management

BeezUP allows you, for Veepee FRA to:

  • Collect your orders

  • Update your orders: accept / refuse / ship / cancel / refund (100%).

➡️ How to activate order management for VeePee FRA?

  1. Connect to your store from the PinkConnect space.

  2. Click on the information dedicated to your profile.


  3. Here, you can get your API token necessary for the connection between BeezUP and Veepee!

  4. In the "Channel" page, add (if not already done for the products) the Channel named "Veepee FRA", it is it that will allow you to manage your orders.

  5. Go to the "API Settings" page, copy the API key that you previously retrieved from your PinkConnect space in the "Access Token" field.

  6. Before saving, make sure that the 2 other options present are unchecked (deactivation of order management and test mode).

  7. The "API Parameters" button should then turn green, you can then activate this "Veepee FRA" network: your orders will appear within a maximum of 30 minutes in your orders page 🥳

✅ Note: even if this channel is only used for order management, you must ensure that the mapping is "green" 🟢 to be able to activate it.

Happy sales on Veepee via BeezUP!

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