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CDON: products publication
CDON: products publication
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1 - Product feed integration

2 - Order management


1) Multi-Countries

CDON, Northen Europe marketplace leader is available in the 4 scandinavian countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Finland.
Within BeezUP, only Sweden is currently available (main & native Cdon country) for product management. Orders, though, can be managed cross countries.

Note: keep in mind to send prices in local currency of the target country: SEK (swedish crown) for Sweden, BeezUP does not convert automatically currencies.

2) Products/offers
CDON requires product creation even if already known before being able to push offers.
You'll then always have to push products feeds before offers.

Note: Cdon splits catalogue data in 4 sub-feeds: product/image/price/availability. On BeezUP side, the 2 first ones are handled by "product" feed, and price & availability are managed by offer feed with "differential" publications.

3) Variations
Cdon Products variations are not currently managed by BeezUP

1 - Product integration on CDON

In order to publish your products on CDON, please proceed as follow: create your CDON account and then proceed as detailed below once back in BeezUP:

2 - CDON Order management

BeezUP allows you, for CDON to:
- get your orders (all countries)
- ship your orders
- cancel & refund orders

In order to enable CDON Order management go to "API settings" page:

  1. Make sure that "Deactivate order management (unticked by default)" is unticked

  2. Save settings.

  3. "API settings" button must turn green, you can now turn on this "CDON SWE API" channel: your orders will then show up on orders page within 30 mins maximum.

Note: if you update an order status outside of BeezUP, this one will not be considered automatically in BeezUP. You'll then have to manually resync this order to force its status to change.

We wish you a great business on CDON through BeezUP!

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