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Fnac : products publication
Fnac : products publication
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fnac marketplace

Fnac is a French marketplace with a precise operating mode. The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your offers & products.


1. Prerequisites to sell your products on Fnac marketplace

  1. Mandatory EAN
    Above all, it is important to know that only products with an EAN (or ISBN) are accepted by Fnac.
    Any product without an international identifier (EAN or ISBN) will be rejected by Fnac

  2. "Hybrid" operation between offers and products
    Fnac operates in a hybrid fashion: on the one hand via the "Fnac Offers API" channel for offers, and on the other hand via "Fnac API FRA products" which works thanks to Mirakl.

  3. Frequency of updates
    Publications to Fnac
    > for the offers (in "update" mode) take place before the Fnac integration batches, i.e. every 2 hours
    > for products (via Mirakl) take place every 2 hours.

2. Integration procedure

✔️ Create your merchant account on

👉 2 cases are then possible:

- Case A: your products are already known to Fnac (recognized EANs or products already created)

✔️ Within BeezUP, add "Fnac Offers API" in the "Channels" tab
✔️ Enter the commission received by Fnac in the "Mapping categories" tab
✔️ Check your mapping, or complete it if necessary.
✔️ Enter your "ShopID" dedicated to the Fnac API that you can get from your Fnac account manager, telling them that you are working with BeezUP.
✔️ From your first sales, these will appear - in BeezUP - in the "Orders" tab and possibly on your prestashop / magento or other backoffice, if your module is configured for.

- Case B: your products are not known to Fnac (EAN unknown)

✔️ Within BeezUP, add "Fnac API FRA products" in the "Channels" tab.
✔️ Carry out the categorization of the categories you wish to transmit
✔️ Proceed with the mapping of "Fnac API FRA products" in order to transmit, at a minimum, all the mandatory fields.

👉 For more information on each field, you can click on the "i" info to obtain explanations and / or go to our dedicated portal here.

You can then, depending on the product categories chosen, map the "category specific" fields.

✔️ Then go to the API Settings tab and fill in your API credentials:

  • Shop ID: which you will find by clicking on "My Account" / "Settings", using the value entered in front of "Identifier".

    ⚠️ Please note that this Shop ID is different from the one used for "Fnac Offers API"

  • API key: which you will find by clicking on your email at the top right, then "API key"
    as shown below:


✔️ After activating (switch ON) Fnac API FRA products, within 2 hours maximum - if everything is OK - the publications must begin, in order to check if the sendings are being made correctly to Fnac you can consult the "Publications" tab which will give you all the details you need to make any changes to your flow and / or mapping.

⏩ The most important thing, if your products have never been created on Fnac, is to make sure that the "product" feeds are OK, they are the ones that allow the creation of the products.
Once "ok", ask Fnac to start creating the products if they are not automatically created.

3. Special case of products with variations

If your products in the field of "bedding" and "sport textile" have variations such as sizes and / or colors, you will need to mention it in the title of the product (eg: product 1 = "nike shoe size 38", product 2 = "nike shoe size 41".

4. Matching attributes

Very often, in your product publication report, you will get a list of attribute codes in error. These codes can unfortunately be difficult to interpret, in order to help you know their correspondence with the attributes of the mapping page, we have created a portal: click here to find out.

We hope that this page will help you better understand your error reports and thus enable you to act on your publications as quickly as possible.

5. "Update mode" Meaning

Unlike other marketplaces, Fnac does not accept the overwrite mode generally used by BeezUP.
Consequently, BeezUP, for each publication to FNAC analyzes the differences compared to the last successful publication and only returns to Fnac the following offers:

  • Modified offers

  • Offers having disappeared, by notifying them as such to Fnac

  • Offers in error

It is therefore, for this reason, that the publications are generally much lower in terms of the number of offers than the publications produced in overwrite, where the entire catalog is constantly returned.

6. Order management

In order to comply with the new VAT regulations, Fnac has decided to require the country of dispatch during the order acceptance phase.

You can configure your default country of delivery in your Fnac seller area.

Fnac allows you to choose the default delivery country 🌎 even during the order acceptance phase:
If you use the "Auto accept" feature for your orders, remember to go to the "API Parameters" page and choose your default country of delivery on the "Expedition Country Code" field. If you activate the "Auto accept" feature and do not select the default delivery country (Expedition Country Code field), Fnac will consider the country selected in the seller area as the delivery country.


If you are not using automatic order acceptance, you will need to select the shipping country during the acceptance phase.

Good sales on Fnac!

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