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BackMarket: products publication
BackMarket: products publication
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1 - Integration process

2 - What does "Update" mode mean?


1) Update frequency
Backmarket publications occur respectively every 2h and every 24h for offers and products.
Offers publications use "update" mode, see here for details.
Also note that you can, decide to enable/disable offers & products publications independently in "API settings" page.

2) Mandatory EAN codes
BackMarket only accepts products with EAN

3) Several countries management
Backmarket is available in several countries: FR/ES/IT/UK/US, etc
Within BeezUP, this is managed through:

  • for products & offers: it's necessary to have a BeezUP store for each targetted country

  • for orders: you can, trough "API settings" page, decide to fetch orders from all countries or only for the country of the active store.

1 - Integration process

1) Add "Backmarket API" to your store, through "Channels" page.

2) Proceed, as usual, to categorization of the desired categories to be published + the commission charged by BackMarket (CPA)

3) Proceed to your fields mapping, at least mandatory ones.
Do no hesitate to consult "i" info that will provide you additional information regarding accepted values.

4) In "API settings" page :

  • Set your BackMarket token, see here for where to find it.

  • Choose your order fetch logic (see prerequisite point 3)

  • Choose if you wish to transmit product and/or offer only.
    note : if your products are already known by Backmarket, offers activation can be enough.

5) Once 3 settings "mapping", "categories" & "API settings" are green, you can proceed to publication activation.
Within maximum 2 hours, your offers will be transmitted and within maximum 24h your products as well (if enabled).
Consult "publications" page to analyse potential publication errors.
Consult "orders" page to check & manage your orders!

2 - What does update mode mean ?

Unlike other marketplaces, BackMarket only accepts update mode.
Thus, BeezUP - for each publication - analyses differences between current data vs last successful publication and only sends to BackMarket following offers:
- modified offers
- disappeared offers - sent to "0" quantity
- in error offers
This is for this reason, that publications have usually less offers than ones using "full overwrite" that send all offers everytime.

Good business on BackMarket!

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