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Spartoo: products publication
Spartoo: products publication
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1 - Prerequisite

2 - Integration process

3 - Specific case with parent/child variations relationships

1 - Prerequisite

1) Products unpublication

Products no longer in the feed are not automatically removed from Spartoo. In order to have them removed, it is necessary to put the quantity at 0 for a while (we advise 48h to make sure) or, to ask Spartoo to integrate your feed using "overwrite" mode.

2) Products transmission to Spartoo

Before sending your feed link to Spartoo, it is necessary to send it first to BeezUP support in order to get a new “transformed” feed.

Due to Spartoo’s specific requirements, in particular about variations, feeds are modified before being sent to Spartoo.

These “transformations” are occurring on our side at the following times: 6h, 10h, 13h30, 17h and 21h.

2 - Integration process

1) Create your seller account by sending an email to [email protected]

2) Back on BeezUP, add Spartoo in “My listings”

3) Proceed to categorization making sure to categorize only products you wish to send to Spartoo. Please be aware that Spartoo is specialized in fashion on the following domains: shoes / textile / leather goods and accessories. Therefore, it accepts only sellers having products categories already existing within Spartoo.

4) In “Mapping”, a lot of fields are available:

a) One of the most structuring field is “ParentSKU”. If your products vary on size only, you can mapp “ParentSKU” with your field “ParentID”.

If your products vary on size AND color, then you have to create a personalized field concatenating both color field and ParentID.

b) Make sure that all mandatory fields are mapped.

Here are some useful information about some of these fields:

  • Parent/Child: A “parent” is needed as reference for all the sizes. “child” variations are only for sizes, not colors. That is why BeezUP modifies the feed in the case of color and size variations in order to meet Spartoo requirements (cf. prerequisite 2.)

  • Gender: If the information about gender is in the description, this field can be empty.

You can otherwise use the following codification (if needed with a personalized field. You can find here our documentation about personalized field):

  • H: Man

  • F: Women

  • M: Adult Mixed

  • B: Boy

  • G: Girl

  • K: Kid Mixed

c) If you intend to use recommended fields, here are some information about it:

  • Color ID: as well as “Gender”, use the following codification (with personalized field if needed)

    • 1: White

    • 4: Yellow

    • 7: Orange

    • 8: Red

    • 13: Pink

    • 15: Violet

    • 19: Blue

    • 25: Green

    • 28: Brown

    • 35: Grey

    • 38: Black

    • 41: Gold

    • 46: Silver colored

    • 534: Others

    • 594 Multicolor

    • 6887: Beige

  • Composition: as well as “Gender” and “ColorID”, use the following codification (with personalized field if needed)

    • 1: Leather

    • 2: Leather/textile

    • 5: Textile

    • 6: Synthetic

    • 7: Fur

    • 8: Rubber

    • 9: Crepe

    • 10: Wood

    • 11: Rope

  • Size: you will find a list of the valid values in this file.

5) Once the categorization is made and all mandatory fields are filled (“mapping” button in green), send your feed to us so we can send you back a new “transformed” feed. You will then be able to send this feed to Spartoo merchant service: [email protected]
o not forget to tell them to use "overwrite" mode to integrate your feed.

6) If you want to retrieve orders from Spartoo, you have to fulfill your API settings with your Merchant ID that you will find in “Home/Informations” next to “Merchand Id For Webservices” as showed below:

Important notice:

When a product is no longer available, to deactivate it, you have to put value “0” in the field “product_quantity’ without deleting the line (cf. prerequisite 1).

3 - Specific case with parent/child variations relationships

If your products have variations such as sizes and/or colors (clothes or shoes for instance), make sure that have an incoming feed that meets requirements described here.

As a reminder, Spartoo demands a “parent” product as reference for all sizes and a “parent” product for each color, variations being only for sizes.

In any cases that your products vary on size or on size and color, send your feed to us BEFORE sending it to Spartoo in order to have a correct “transformed” feed that you can send to Spartoo (this feed will look like “….”

In case of any doubt/questions, here are Spartoo’s official specifications.

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