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Eprice: products publication
Eprice: products publication
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1) Automatic updates of offers and manual request for the creation of new products

Update of offers sent to Eprice is automatically made by API on "overwriting" mode (Each successful publication overwrites the previous one).

2) Publications frequency

Publications (updates of offers information) occur every 4h.

These publications are made in "overwriting" mode, any product not being in the feed anymore will automatically passed to "0".

If necessary you can switch your offers updates in "update" mode rather than "overwriting". You just have to tick the box in the dedicated page in "API settings".

3) Required EANs

Eprice accepts only products provided with EAN.

Integration process

1) If you don't have any account, contact ePrice account manager : Matteo Coeli, via email: [email protected]

2) In Beezup, add the channel "Eprice ITA API" in 'my listings'

3) Do the categorization for the categories you want to send.

4) Do the mapping of "Eprice ITA API" in order to send, at least, all required information.
For more information about each field, you can click on the 'i' for explanation of each field requiring one.

Then you can map the category-specific fields, depending on the categories you use.
This sheet will allow you to know which fields are available for each category as well as which values are accepted.

Attention! If the "type" is "LIST", you have to respect the accepted values (link in last column). Else it is "TEXT", you can send whatever you want.

5) Go to API settings tab and enter your API access:
- shopid: that you will find by clicking on "Store/Settings", and taking the value next to "user name".
- API key: that you will find by clicking on your email on top right as show below:

6) Enable Eprice ITA API (Switch ON).
If everything is ok publications should start within 4h. In order to make sure that publications are well occurring, you can check the "Last publications" tab (Eprice mapping) which details everything and possible corrections/modifications to do in your feed.
Make sure at first, your "products" publications are ok.
Once all potential errors are fixed on products feed, contact ePrice, to make sure they do create your products.
Once ePrice creates your products, check your "Offers" publications, to make sure then your offers appear online on ePrice.

7) If everything is fine (products & offers), your products are ready to be sold and your sales will appear in the "Order" tab within BeezUP or your own backoffice if you enabled this option.

We wish you good sales on Eprice !

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