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Facebook Shop : products publication
Facebook Shop : products publication
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Facebook Shop is a Facebook feature that allows you to create a online shop on your facebook business page. Thanks to BeezUP, it is possible to automate your catalog on your Facebook Shop via an HTTP feed.

Here is an example of how your products will appear on Facebook.


Go to your Facebook page, making sure that your page is indeed a business page. Use this simple guide to create your Facebook store if you haven't already.



1 - Product feed integration

2 - Order management

Prerequisites :

1) You must have a Facebook business account

2) You must have created your store on Facebook

1 - Product feed integration

In order to integrate your products into your Facebook store, the platform strongly recommends using the same feed as that used for Google Shopping Ads. The fields used by Facebook almost all correspond to the fields available on Google Shopping product ads.

The Facebook category tree is also identical to that of Google Shopping.
TIP: So don't hesitate to use the BeezUP functions for category copies and mapping!

  1. Once "Facebook Product Ads" has been added to your BeezUP store, go to the "mapping" page, in order to complete the useful fields.
    For more information on each field, you can click on the "i" to get more information on accepted values and / or go to the official Facebook documentation.

  2. Once your mapping is done, your feed to Facebook is ready, then you just have to go to your Facebook Sales Manager. Choose 'Import in batch'

  3. Choose "Scheduled Import"

  4. Choose the import frequency

  5. Choose your currency


Once the feed is prepared and updated by Facebook, your products will appear online, and your first orders will arrive!

2 - Order management

At the moment, Facebook does not give us the possibility to get orders via API. However, Facebook offers its sellers different options for order management:

  • Redirection to the seller's website during the purchase phase

  • Via direct message

  • By connecting your Facebook store to your corporate bank account, in this way you will be able to use Facebook's payment method which will take a percentage of the sale.

Go to the Facebook Business Help Center for more information.

Happy sales on your new Facebook store via BeezUP!

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