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Rakuten API (France) : products publication
Rakuten API (France) : products publication
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1 - Prerequisite to know

a. Publication types & frequencies

Rakuten France offers several publication types, BeezUP used before nov 2021 CSV feeds over HTTP, and since then XML feeds through API sync.

This new publication method through API is structured around:
- offers - "advert" & "campaigns" at Rakuten - transmitted differentially (only updated offers are transmitted), complete & updated, complete & replace (within the limit of 30 M per export) every 2 hours.
- Products - aka "product" & "media" on Rakuten side - pushed once a day using full mode.

b. Maching, EAN and private reference

EAN is required for most categories ("alias") by Rakuten.
If your products belong to one of these "private" categories: clothes, shoes, furniture, decoration and jewellery, EAN field is then not required, but a private ref is "submitterreference".
Offer matching by EAN is therefore not available for these private categories, but is possible for all others!

c. How to migrate from HTTP publication

If you used or are still using HTTP publication for Rakuten from BeezUP, please consider these points:
- you should let Rakuten Support know about your publication mode change (from HTTP to API)
- enable order management, within BeezUP, in only 1 of the 2 Rakuten at the same time (HTTP or API)
Ideally, to avoid potential duplicated orders, make sure to do perform this migration once all orders linked to HTTP Rakuten are shipped.

2 - Setup guide

1) Create your PRO Rakuten account here.

2) Within BeezUP "Channels" page, add "Rakuten FRA API".
3) Proceed to categorization, as usual, and make sure to only categorize categories that you wish to push.
4) Within "Mapping" page, 2 options :

  • Offers only
    If your products are already created on Rakuten and do not belong to some "private" categories (see above prerequiste), offer publication is enough, you then just have to map following mandatory fields:
    - SKU
    - codebarres
    - state
    - sellingPrice
    - qty
    + recommended : "comment" field to provide more public details to your offer.
    + optionnaly : all campaign related fields starting with "products Campaign" and shipping related ones (see below for more details)

  • Product creation
    However, if your products are not already known by Rakuten and/or belong to a private category, it's required to create them by providing 1 - offer related fields (see above) and 2 - at least all required attributes for all targetted categories.
    In order to know which attributes are required and their associated values, you can check our dedicated tool and choose "Rakuten FR".
    It's pretty common in such scenario that your source catalogue doesn't have all required attributes, we thus advise you to use our custom fields tool.

5) Once you are done with all your mappings, go to "API settings" page and fill:
- Your API credentials : "login" and "token" that you can find within your Rakuten BO under "Paramètres du compte" > "Token" for your token. Your login is the same as the one used to connect to Rakuten BO.
- Your synchronization options: offers / products / orders
- Your auto-accept order, if you have auto-accept feature enabled. See below for more details.

6) Set-up your shipping methods
Rakuten offers 3 different options to calculate your ads shipping costs :

  • Standard Rakuten prices (by default)

  • Custom prices per weight (in order to enable this option, please contact Rakuten)
    Within BeezUP, you just have to map your products weight (in grammes) to Rakuten column: "package_weight".

  • Custom shipping cost per geographical zone and shipping method.
    Within BeezUP, several fields are available to that end:

    Several key points important to know regarding them:

    - XX_YYYY : allow to indicate "leader" shipping cost for geographical zone (XX) and concerned delivery method (YYYY). ex: FR for France, SUIVI for Courrier Suivi.
    "Leader" shipping costs are the ones applied if the order has only one product or if the highest shipping cost when several products.
    Cannot be equal to 0

    - XX-YYYY-fw : allow to indicate "follower" shipping cost using same logic as for "leader" ones
    "follower" shipping costs are smaller ones that are added for each order additional product.
    Can be equal to 0 (default value transmitted by BeezUP)

    - "leader" shipping costs have to be higher or equal to "follower" ones.
    - if option is authorized, one of these 3 following modes is required: Recommandé / Express / a custom one
    - Kiala, Express and Mondial Relay shipping methods require an activation from your Rakuten account manager and please note that it requires to send "false" value if you want to disable them.
    - custom modes are not managed by BeezUP
    - contact your Rakuten account manager if you want to offer free shipping.
    More details here

7) Enable '"Rakuten FRA API" channel, and depending on your "API Settings", your offer/product/order sync start.

We wish you great sales on Rakuten FR through BeezUP!

3 - Specific case with variations products

BeezUP does not currently cover product variants for Rakuten.
In case you need it, please contact us.

4 - Order management

Rakuten, in order to respect new TVA reglementation (as of July 2021), has decided to require "shipping country" once order is accepted.
If you use "Auto accept" feature for your orders, you need to go to "API settings" and choose your default shipping country. Otherwise our "Auto-accept" feature will not be able to work correctly.


If you do not use auto-accept feature, you'll have to specify this country for each order accept.


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