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Colizey: products publication
Colizey: products publication

How to use BeezUP to publish your products on Colizey marketplace and manage associated orders.

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Colizey marketplace

Colizey, French marketplace specialized in sport apparel and gear is connected to BeezUP. This article describes how to set it up to for best results.


1. Prerequisites to know to sell on Colizey

➡️ Only european merchants can sell on Colizey, if you are not already registered, create your account here.
➡️ EANs are mandatory to sell on Colizey
➡️ Only new products are accepted by Colizey
➡️ All sports are covered, except fight sport weapons and not yet all street sports (skating, skate boarding, scooter)

2. Product publication

  • Within BeezUP, add "Colizey API" from channels page.

  • Go then to "Categories mapping" to setup your commission rates.
    Note : categorization is not needed, as BeezUP transmits your own category path, and Colizey takes care of the matching.

  • You can then enable "Colizey" and give them your product feed URL. They'll define with you its best refresh period based on your activity.
    Note: unpublish is done automatically once a product disappears from your feed.

Once integrated to Colizey, your products will soon be online!

3. Order management

If you want to manage Colizey orders in BeezUP, you just have to follow these few steps:

  • Ask Colizey your "API key"

  • Set it in BeezUP, within "API settings" Colizey page

  • Make sure to keep unticked "Deactivate order management"

Your orders will then appear within 30 mins on BeezUP, and your ecommerce solution, providing that it's connected to BeezUP.

We wish you greate sales on Colizey with BeezUP!

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