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Kaufland: products publication
Kaufland: products publication

Find out how to upload your catalog and sell your products on Kaufland, the German general marketplace.

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kaufland marketplace

The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your products on Kaufland marketplace.


1. Prerequisite to know

a) Update frequency

Offers publications occur every 2h, products ones every 24h.

b) EAN mandatory

Kaufland accepts only products with EAN.

c) multi countries
Kaufland is operating in Germany, Czech republic and Slovakia.
On BeezUP side, each country has to be managed independently thanks to separate stores. The only common point will be the API credentials.

2. Integration process

  • If you don't already have any account, contact Kaufland support service.

  • In BeezUP, add the channel "Kaufland XXX API" in 'my listings. (where XXX can be DEU, CZE, SVK depending on your store country)

  • Proceed to categorization for the categories you want to send.

  • Proceed to the columns mapping of "Kaufland XXX API" in order to send, at least, all required attributes. For more information on each field, you can click on the "i" info to obtain more details.

  • Go to API settings tab and enter your API credentials:

    • Client API key : you can find it in your seller account in "Jetzt anmelden" > ‘’Händlerkonto“ > "Händlerportal" > "Shop Einstellungen" > "Generate APIs"

    • Secret API key : same way to retrieve it as the client API key

  • Enable Kaufland XXX API (Switch ON). If everything is ok publications should start within 2h. In order to make sure that publications are well occurring, you can check the "Last publications" tab to access publication results and detailed error page.

    Make sure at first, your "products" publications are ok.

  • If everything is fine (products & offers), your products are ready to be sold and your sales will appear in the "Order" tab within BeezUP or your own backoffice if you enabled this option.

3. Migration from API API V1 - to V2

After the Kaufland API migration, these are the impacts to consider

  • Offer



Expected change from you



You shoud change, for the same warehouse as before, the sent value from its name to its technical id.



no action, disappearing in v2

delivery_time_min & delivery_time_max


Instead of sending delivery time timeframe, you should now indicate only the handling time (working days between you receive the order and you actually ship it) in days.
The transport time will be automatically added by Kaufland depending on the selected carrier.
Has to be equal to or bigger than zero [>=0].



You shoud change, for the same shipping-group as before, the sent value from its name to its technical id.

  • Order

Shipping Method ("order_Shipping_Method") changes from
- (v1) : z-Ships_in_x-y_days/weeks
where z was a letter from "a" to "i" matching Kaufland delivery_time order propertly and x&y were corresponding min-max delivery times in days or weeks


- (v2) : Ships_in_x-y_days
where x & y match Kaufland delivery_time_min/max order properties

if you were matching these properties in your order management process, please consider these changes.

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