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JOOM: products publication
JOOM: products publication

Find out how to sell your products on JOOM, the Nordic marketplace specializing in bargains.

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The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your products on JOOM marketplace.


1. Prerequisite to sell on JOOM marketplace

a. Multi-Countries

JOOM is available within BeezUP in only one country "France" : Joom FRA API but is translated in more than 25 languages by Joom.

⚠️ Important notes:

  • Product data (title, description, attributes) have to be transmitted in the language specified in Joom BO : "General Settings". In case of doubt, see here :

    Note that this default language cannot be changed!
    JOOM then takes care of translations towards all 23 supported languages.

  • To specify which countries are enabled to ship orders, please go to JOOM BO : Account / Allowed Countries & Regions: up to 200 countries are available. More details here.

  • To specify some different shipping cost per country you can use "CountryShippingPrice" and set values as follow : FR:5.99|DE:6.99... using the country iso code.

b. Eligible merchants & products

In order to sell on JOOM, you need to respect following criteria:

  • Your sold products cannot be in this list

  • Your sold products have to be new

  • EAN are mandatory

c. Commission & registration process

Standard commission is between 5 & 15% depending on categories

To join JOOM, please complete this form

d. Products/offers

Only one "offer" feed is expected by Joom, no product feed.

Do not forget to enable it in your "API settings" section.

JOOM does not allow offer matching if you transmit an already existing EAN on their side.

2. Product feed integration on JOOM

In order to publish your products on JOOM, please proceed as follow:

  • Contact JOOM (complete this form) to apply and proceed to JOOM onboarding process

  • Once your account is created, add "Joom FRA API" within your BeezUP french store.

  • Proceed to categorization as usual, to the deepest category level available.

  • Proceed to column mapping, most attributes being documented in go2 if needed.

    Pay a particular attention to the following attributes :

    • Color : Only specific color names are authorized, see list by clicking on "i" info.

    • ExtraImages : If you want to send more than 1 image (via "MainImage") you need to send list by "ExtraImages" with such format : url1|url2|url3

    • CountryShippingPrice : see above in "Multi-Countries" section

    • Attributes : if you want to send specific attributes, send them with such pattern: attribute1:value1|attribute2:value2|...|attributeN:valueN, ex: "Material:Wool|Weight:50g"

    • Desc: HTML is not allowed

  • In case of products with variation, make sure to:

    • Respect BeezUP variation structure

    • Map "ParentId" with your own parent id field

    • Map "ParentOrChild" with your "parent or child" field

    • Make sure to have different values for either "Size" and/or "Color" for all chidren products.

  • Go to Joom merchant BO, follow such path : "Account (top right) / App Tokens / Add App Token / fill a name like "BeezUP" / Save / Copy generated token and keep it somewhere safe.

  • Go to "API settings" page and paste your Access token.

  • Tick/untick options based on your needs (offer/order), and SAVE page.

  • If needed, exclude some products by going to "Product Exclusion" page.

  • On Channels page, turn on JOOM

3. JOOM Order management

BeezUP allows you, for JOOM to:

  • get your orders (all countries)

  • ship your orders

  • cancel orders

In order to enable JOOM Order management, go to "API settings" page:

  • Make sure that "Deactivate order management (unticked by default)" is unticked

  • Save settings.

  • "API settings" button must turn green

You can now turn on this "Joom FRA API" channel: your orders will then show up on orders page within 30 mins maximum.

We wish you a great business on JOOM through BeezUP!

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