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On the home page, you can see 3 sections: the technical status (which gives you an overview of your account's information), the last importations and the statistics of your campaigns.


1 - Technical status

a. Automatic import diode

When the "Automatic Import" diode is green 🟢, you do not have anything to do. The automatic importation has been activated.

When it is red 🔴, the automatic importation has not been activated. For more information, please consult the page Importation or this article on the FAQ.


b. Tracking diode

If the "tracking" diode is green 🟢, it means that your tracker is working well. Your clicks and sales have been successfully registered.


If the diode is red 🔴, there are two possibilities:

  1. The tracker is not installed correctly

    Therefore, please follow our installation guide to install the tracker.

  2. There hasn't been any sales for at least one week, or there were no clicks during the last 24 hours.

    The "tracking" diode switches to green as soon as the first sale* is tracked. If there hasn't been any sales* for at least one week, or there were no registered clicks during the last 24h, the diode will switch to red. To test the tracker, you could execute a test purchase.

⏩ If the tracker is still on red, please contact the Support Team by clicking on the «Help» button after logging into your BeezUP account.

⚠️ *Important: Only the sales which have been recovered by BeezUP are visible in the interface and will be taken into consideration by the "tracking" diode.

c. Catalog exportation diode

The diode is GREEN 🟢(ON):


It means that everything is OKAY: all added networks (in the section "Channels") are okay in terms of cost, categories and specifications, therefore, you do NOT have anything to do!

The diode is RED 🔴(OFF):


It requires an urgent action from your side : you have at least one channel (added in "Channels" section) which is disabled because its "mappings" section is not properly set up.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the «Help» button after logging into your BeezUP account.

2 - Last importations


Here you have a sum-up of the last importations of your catalog in BeezUP. It allows you to know how many products have been imported and to check for errors that might have occurred during the importation.

A green status indicates that the importation of your catalog has been done successfully.

A red status indicates that the importation of the catalog failed. We advise you to relaunch your importation manually to make sure that your catalog has been successfully updated.

If you still have difficulties with automatic importations, please consult this article here.

3 - Statistics

a. Graphic:


The graphic gives you a detailed insight of your performances on each selected channel. You can have a complete overview of your performances as a whole or by channel.

You can select a network and a period to see your statistics according to various criteria.

You can select/unselect any of the 6 curves by ticking/unticking the appropriate checkbox.

On the optimization page, you can obtain the performances of products, or categories for one or several channels

Your statistics are only efficient if the BeezUP trackers have been successfully installed. Click here to have more information on the installation of the trackers.

b. Advanced parameters


This tab allows you to go more in depth with the analysis of your e-commerce performances.

Origin of margin:

  • Tracker = your margin could be determined by the use of trackers. This requires you to install trackers in your e-boutique pages (click here to obtain more information).

  • Percentage of sale price = If you don't provide margin through the tracker, you could still include margin data in your analysis by indicating what percentage of the sale price is close to your margin.

Linked orders:

  • At the date of the purchase = attach the orders and sales at the date of purchase to have a cash-flow analysis of your e-marketing campaign

  • At the date of the click = attach the order to the date of the click (when a channel redirected an internet user to your e-boutique). This is achieved through a cookie. So if an internet user is redirected to your e-store and does not buy immediately but rather 4 weeks later, this purchase can be shown at the date of click, thereby giving you a return on investment analysis.

Payment filters:

It is possible to select only the confirmed sales. To do it, you have to use correctly the status "ValidPayement" in your tracker set-up.

👉 More details here

Indirect sales:

When a customer navigates through your e-boutique, they may purchase 3 or 4 items and not just the product that attracted them initially. In analyzing your e-commerce activity, you may include or ignore those other products were sold besides of the customer's initial product of interest.


The key performance indicators give you the option to create a new statistical curve based on your own criteria.

Export to Excel:

By clicking on the export button on the right bottom, you will have your results in an Excel file.

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