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Some of my importations display red crosses, what can I do?
Some of my importations display red crosses, what can I do?
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If you face a problem with the importation of your catalog, "Error" appears instead of "Success" on your BeezUP home page.

Automatic importations are checked every morning by BeezUP support. If it fails because of a structure issue in your catalog, BeezUP support team will inform you as soon as possible.


Error appears:

  • When an importation is interrupted during the download

  • When the server that hosts the catalog is not available

  • When the catalog has structure problems, so that it cannot be downloaded

  • When you change the importation source of your catalog (local importation, via FTP)

  • When you change the column separator of your catalog

  • When you change the name of columns and/or new columns are added

Do not modify your feed structure once it has been imported a first time by BeezUP system.

If you have to change it, please contact us BEFORE doing the change.

NB: if Error appears, we advise you to use the last updated catalog, so that your products are still available.

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