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a) Details of the reports

b) Register your reports

c) Export your reports

d) Automate actions of your reports

The page « analytics » has 2 main objectives:

- analyze in details the performances of your campains and of your products themselves

- select the products of your choice according to the performance or values

Here you will learn how to:

1 - Create a report
2 - Analyze the results
3 - Select the products of your choice
4 - Duplicate products choice from a channel to another one

1 - Create a report

a) Capture criteria

At the top of the page "Analytics" you can define and personnalize your report, you have to:


1) Choose one or several channels to analyze (which will become those on which you can choose the products you want to publish).

2) Select the period of analysis.

3) Define the type of elements you want to display (there are also those you can activate or dsactivate): products/ categories/ channels.

4) In option, select the category or undercategory for which you want to limit your report .

5) In option, put one or several filters to reduce the number of the results.

6) Then click on "Create your report" or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Your personalized report is then displayed!

Note :

Please note that the maximum number of characters for the filter "In the list a|b|c" is 1499:


b) Advanced parameters

This tab allows you to go more depth with your analysis of your e-commerce performances.

Origin of margin :

  • Tracker = your margin could be determined by the use trackers. This requires that you install trackers in your e-boutique pages. (click here to obtain more information)

  • Percentage of sale price = If you don't provide margin through the tracker, you could still include margin data in your analysis by indicating what percentage of the sale price is close to your margin.

Attach to order :

  • At the date of the purchase = attach the orders and sales at the date of purchase to have a cash-flow analysis of your e-marketing campaign

  • At the date of the click = attach the order to the date of the click (when a channel redirected an internet user to your e-boutique). This is achieved through a cookie. So if an internet user is redirected to your e-store and does not buy immediately but rather 4 weeks later, this purchase can be shown at the date of click, thereby giving you a return on investment analysis.

Taken into account for orders:

It is possible to select only the confirmed sales, to do it you have to use correctly the status "ValidPayement" in your tracker set-up
More details here

Indirect sales :

When a customer navigates through your e-boutique, he/she may purchase 3 or 4 items and not just he product that attracted him/her initially. In analyzing your e-commerce activity, you may include only those products that attracted the customer's initial interest (Product 1) for which you are charged a price per click by the relevant channel or you may choose to include Product 2, 3, and 4 (indirect sales) in your analysis.

Performance indicators :

"Performance indicators" gives you the option to create a new statistical curve based on your own criteria.


2 - Analyze results

a) Details of the reports

When your report is displayed, you can see all following elements:

  • Its status "online":

- a green diode means that the element is active on all channels of the report.
- a red diode means that the element is inactive on all channels of the report.
- two grey diodes mean that the element is partially active on all channels on the report.

  • Its title (or another element you chose in the advanced parameters) with, as indicator, the number of exported products over the maximal number of products you can export. (When you do a "multi-channels" report, that means products of all networks).

  • The number of clicks registered.

  • The number of sales registered.

  • The number of articles sold (if the "advanced tracker" is activated ").

  • The turnover generated .

  • The cost generated (calculated according to the economic model (CPC or CPA) completed when you added the channel).

  • The margin (see more details in "advanced parameters").

  • The personalized performance indicator (see details in "advanced parameters").

These indicators can be selected as a sorting criteria, you only have to click on them.

b) Register your reports

If you want to use later your reports, it is possible to save them, you only have to click on the disk at the top on the right of the screen. Then give a name to your report and save.


c) Automate actions of your reports : the automatic rules

If you wish to automate the activations or deactivations according to your reports, you just have to create an automatic rule.

Click here to see how it works in details.

3 - Select products of your choice

To boost the profitability of your investments, we advise you to select the transmited products, here 's some advice:

- Only publish products with high margin

- Only publish with high price

- Only publish products you have in stock

- Deactivate products which do not generate enough clicks and a lower number of sales.

BeezUP helps you to do that, you have to create reports corresponding to the criteria you want, and then click on the diode on the left if yo want to activate the product (green) on the right to desactivate it (red).


You can also activate or desactivate "massively" the products by clicking at the botton of the page. The interface gives you the possibility (if applicable) to activate or desacticate only the elements on the 1st page or all of your research.


4 - Duplicate products selection from a channel to another one

It can be useful in some situations, once you finished selecting specific products, to be able to duplicate this selection to another channel.
To do this, you just need to click on the action menu then click on "Copy products activation status..." and then a pop-up will appear with 2 dropdown lists :
> the specific channel you want to base your products selection on : "Source Channel"
> the channel on which you want to apply this selection : "Destination Channel"


Once both channels are chosen with care, you can click on "Copy" and products selection from "Source Channel" will be applied to "Destination Channel".

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