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Amazon: products publication
Amazon: products publication
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amazon marketplace

Amazon is a worlwide marketplace whose functioning is very specific. This article aims at explaining you how to use BeezUP to publish your products.


1. Prerequisite to know before publishing on Amazon marketplace

a. Required EANs

First of all, it is essential to know that only the products with an EAN (or an ISBN) are accepted by Amazon.
⏩ A product which has no international identifiant (EAN or ISBN) will be rejected by Amazon.

💡One exception : the products which belong to the jewelry sector.

b. Multi-sectors or Direct
Amazon product data is structured around subcategories such as sport, high tech, home, etc.
If you use unknown Amazon products or products which have more information than Amazon, it is better to use these subcategories.

It products you want to transfer are already existing on Amazon, you can use "Amazon Direct", fewer fields will be necessary.

c. Publication types & periods

Amazon publications are divided in 5 feed types with different publication periods & strategies:


















More details here

d. International: open countries

🌎 BeezUP helps you to push your products internationally on Amazon through 2 different methods:

  • Thanks to international EAN offer matching proposed by Amazon: you just need to push your products on 1 european country and Amazon takes care of pushing them on other european countries (if already existing).
    👉 More details on product management here
    👉 More details on order management within BeezUP here (Q5).

  • Thanks to product creation for each targetted country: within BeezUP create corresponding stores, and fetch orders independently per country.

    Covered countries:
    Europe: FR/ES/IT/UK/DE/NL/PL/SE/TR
    America: US/CA/MEX
    Other: JP/AUS/MEX

2. Integration process

  1. Create your merchant account on

  2. Within BeezUP, add the corresponding Amazon that matches the best your main products category (see above prerequiste « Multi-sectors or Direct »).
    Note : you can use several Amazon from different universes at the same time.

  3. Associate your Amazon account with BeezUP :

    Go, within BeezUP, to Amazon's "API settings" page and click on "Authorize BeezUP".
    You'll then be redirected to Amazon.

    ✔️ In case of multi-stores and/or multi-countries, make sure to select the right one that matches the current BeezUP store.

    ✔️Once you've read the authorization scope, tick the left bottom box and select confirm.

    ✔️ Once back on BeezUP, select your publication scope among : product/image/price/inventory/relationship.
    If you are not sure, select the 5 of them.

    If applicable, you can also select countries for which you want to fetch orders, click here for more details (Q5).
    Then click on "save", the "Amazon/BeezUP" authorization status should then turn green.

    ⚠️Important : In case of several Amazon universes, make sure to repeat this step for all universes, and set identical settings.

  4. Categorize as usual for each Amazon added, being sure that you categorize only the categories which correspond to the selected Amazon.

  5. In the tab "Mapping", make sure that all required fields have been completed.
    If your feed does not contain the informations required by Amazon, do not hesitate to do personalized fields.

    ⚠️Important : The fields "Title" and "CountryOfOrigin" are now mandatory for Amazon Direct.

  6. When your setup is finished (all lights🟢 green on channels page), it only remains to switch Amazon on !

  7. In some cases and always for the following sectors: Beauty, clothing, jewelry, shoes, it is possible that a validation of your account is necessary.

    In this case, you have to contact your Country-Manager to do a validation request.

  8. To check if publications have been successfully done, you can consult the tab "Last publications" which gives you all required details to adapt your feed and/or mapping.

  9. If everything is OK, your produtcs are ready for sales! 👏

    We wish you good sales!

3. Specific case with parent/child variations relationships

If your catalog has parent/child variation relationships, many observations are important:

  • You cannot use Amazon Direct, you have to use the Amazon dedicated to your specific sector

  • Your feed product imported has to respect the specifications here

  • Please associate the following fields:

    • SKU : the "more precised" number of your products has to be different for each child variations relationships according to the size and the color. Ex : 1234_BLUE_M

    • VariationTheme : type of variation. Various values are possible (see the details in the guides for the sectors below). The most often used are "SizeColor", "Size" and "Color".

    • Parentage : indicate "parent" when it is a "parent" product and "child " when it is a child product.

    • ParentSKU : indicate the SKU of the parent product corresponded. This field has to be empty for parent products.

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