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Darty - Old Version : Product publication
Darty - Old Version : Product publication
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The purpose of this procedure is to explain how to use BeezUP to publish your products on the Darty marketplace.


1. Prerequisites to know before selling on Darty marketplace

  1. Update frequencies & methods Publications
    Offers take place every 2 hours, while of products every 24 hours.

    Publications of offers are made in "update" mode (normal at Mirakl): only the following offers are transmitted with each new publication: - offers modified since the last successful publication - offers in error during the previous publication - offers that have disappeared since the last publication, indicating a quantity of 0.

    Note: if your offers are strictly identical to those of the last successful publication, the new publication will be skipped.

  2. Frequency of updates Publications (updating of all "offer" information) to Darty take place every 2 hours. These publications are in "overwrite" mode, any product that has disappeared from your import feed will therefore be automatically passed to 0.

    ⏩ It should be noted that you can, if necessary, switch to "update" offer update mode rather than overwriting, you just have to check the dedicated box in the "API settings" page

2. Integration procedure

If you do not have an account, contact the manager via email
📧 [email protected] 📧

2 cases are then possible:

a. Case A: your products are already known to Darty (recognized EANs)

✔️ Within BeezUP, add "Darty API" within the "Networks" tab.

✔️ Proceed to the mapping of "Darty API" in order to transmit, at a minimum, all the mandatory fields.👉 For more information on each field, you can click on the "i" info of each field requiring an explanation, or consult this documentation from Darty.4)

Then go to the API Settings tab and enter your API credentials:

Shop ID: which you will find by clicking on "My Account" / "Settings", using the value entered opposite "Identifier"

API key: which you will find by clicking on your email at the top right, then "API key" as shown below:

✔️ Within a maximum of 2 hours, if everything is OK, the publications must start, in order to check if the shipments are made correctly to Darty, you can consult the "Latest publications" tab which will give you all the necessary details for possible changes to your feed. and/or mapping.Note: in case you receive this error message on one or more offers "The product does not exist". Then see Case B below

✔️ If everything is OK, your products are ready to be purchased and your sales will appear in the "Orders" tab.

Good sales !

b. Case B: your products are not known to Darty:

✔️ In the "Networks" tab of BeezUP, add "Darty - Products FRA"

✔️ Proceed to categorize the categories for which you wish to publish your products on Darty.

✔️ Once categorized, please contact us to let us know so that we can create your Darty products specifically adapted to your categories, it will then take the following name "Darty Products NOMBOUTIQUE API FRA"

✔️ Once the "Darty Products NOMBOUTIQUE API FRA" is created, proceed to the mapping of the latter in order to transmit > all the mandatory fields > the maximum of your fields which characterize your products (color, size, weight, etc.) by mapping them either on explicit fields or on free fields (attribute 1, 2, 3, etc) Here you will find the file of attributes according to the categories coming from Darty, it is imperative to fill in at least all the attributes mandatory.

✔️ Once your mappings are "green", indicate your API parameters as specified in point 3 above, and activate your publication.

Within a maximum of 2 hours - if everything is OK - the publications must start, in order to check if the shipments are made correctly to Darty you can consult the "Latest publications" tab which will give you all the necessary details for possible modifications to your feed and/or mapping.

The most important thing, if your products have never been created on Darty, is to make sure that the "product" feeds are OK, they are the ones that allow the creation of products. Once "ok", ask Darty to launch the creation of products in the event that they are not automatically created.

3. Attribute Matching

Very often, in your product publication report, you will get a list of attribute codes in error.

These codes can unfortunately be difficult to interpret, in order to help you know their correspondence with the attributes of the mapping page, we have created a portal: click here to discover it.

We hope that this page will help you better understand your error reports and thus allow you to act as quickly as possible on your publications.

4. Migration from Darty to FnacDarty: BOMP Project

The Fnac Darty group will unify the back offices of its Fnac (France and Belgium markets) and Darty marketplaces into a single platform. The Fnac and Darty public sites will remain distinct.

The migration of Darty platform functionalities to the new solution is divided into 2 lots:

  1. Product catalog

  2. Offers, orders, messages, invoices

Product catalog focus:

Here are the impacts to take into account following the migration of the Darty catalog part to Fnac Darty:

  • If you do not have a Mirakl Fnac account, you must create one and retrieve your API credentials.

  • Add, within BeezUP, the Fnac Products API channel and configure it by following this documentation.

  • During the 1st quarter of 2023 the migration will be underway on the Darty side, the two Fnac and Darty back offices will remain active. You must then throughout this transitional period send your products both to Darty (via "Darty FRA API") and via "Fnac products API FR").

  • From the 2nd quarter of 2023, the migration on the Fnac/Darty side should be effective, you will then only have to use a single channel for the creation of your products: "Fnac-Darty products API FR" (which will be the former renamed "Fnac produits API FR". Concerning your offers and orders, they will continue to be managed via independent networks: "Offers API FRA" and "Darty FRA API".

Focus Offers and Orders:

Fnac/Darty plans a migration in the 1st quarter of 2024.

Do not hesitate to consult the official page of this migration project and to revisit this page later!

Bonne ventes sur Darty !

✨ Bonus ✨

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