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eBay : frequent questions & mistakes
eBay : frequent questions & mistakes
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Most frequent errors

Find below all frequent errors you can meet while publishing on eBay.
REMINDER : to check if your products are published, please go to the "Last publications" page for eBay, and if you need to see error messages click on "View details"

eBay error code


Explanation and how to fix it

eBay message example


Account limited in products creation

Recent account are limited in adding products.

In that case, publish only your best sellers, so that you can get positive ratings, and therefore unlock this product limitation (E.g : the first step does not allow you to publish for more than 5000€)

Note : this error message can also appear when you try to publish products with brands that are copyrighted. In all cases, we advise you to ask ebay what is the exact issue, and how to solve it.

Product cannot be added or modified. Title or description may contain inappropriate words, or seller may violate eBay rules.

Duration "Unlimited" for your offer is invalid

The unlimited duration (GTC - GoodTillCancelled) of Ebay is authorized in France and most EU countries only for merchants with an eBay "store".

If you wish to publish your products with an unlimited duration, it is required that you have an Ebay Store.
You'll find more information in the prerequisite here.

Invalid duration. The "GTC" is not available for this offer or for the category 'xxx'


Invalid shipping time (DispatchTimeMax)

The authorized shipping times for Ebay are the following ones : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, or 20

"24 day(s) is not a valid national shipping time "

Exclusion of foreign countries not taken into account.

"Terms & Conditions Manager" is often disturbing exclusions that might have been set up like explained in Case 3 of the most frequent questions (see below).
If you face such issue, you have do deactivate it by clicking here :

Most frequent questions

Please find below most frequent questions about eBay :

  • CASE 1 :

Question > All products appear in my category "Other" within my eBay store. How to make them appear in the right category?

💬 Answer > Categories of your eBay Store must be created manually in your eBay account. Once categories (and under-categories) are created, please note the values generated for each category, and insert them in BeezUP in the field "StoreCategoryID" of eBay mapping, through a personalized field.

Or you can just create an Excel sheet containing numbers of your eBay categories, and match them with the categories from your source feed, so that we can make the personalized field for you.

Find more details on eBay website here.

  • CASE 2 :

Question > How can I add other shipping services ?

💬 Answer > It is required to set up a first default shipping service from the list 'delivery method' in the page "API settings" of BeezUP.

The associated shipping costs are the ones set in the field 'ShippingServiceCost' and 'ShippingServiceAdtnalCost' if this last one is filled.

If you wish to offer different shipping services to your clients, you have to use the following fields in the Ebay mapping on BeezUP :

'ShippingService2', 'ShippingServiceCost2' and 'ShippingService2AdtnalCost'

'ShippingService3' , 'ShippingServiceCost3' and 'ShippingService3AdtnalCost'

And these ones for international shipping services :

'IntnlShippingService', 'IntnlShippingServiceCost' and 'IntnlShippingServiceAdtnalCost'

'IntnlShippingService2', 'IntnlShippingService2Cost' and 'IntnlShippingService2AdtnalCost'

Be careful: Values that you enter in the fields 'ShippingServiceX' have to be exactly the same as the ones proposed by Ebay. You can find the list of authorized shipping services here

Note that you have to select a shipping service that start with your country Letter.
Eg : if you sell on eBay DE : all ShippingService starting with DE_XXX

Note : If empty, the default value of 'AdditionalCost' is 0.

  • CASE 3 :

Question > How can I ban certain countries for international shipping ?

💬 Answer > You can exclude countries from your delivery zone directly from Ebay Backoffice ( for example, you can choose to authorize deliveries only in Europe )

Log in your Ebay account and go to "account settings" then on the left, click on "Site Settings"

Then, you should have a line "Shipping preferences", click on "Display"

Different lines should appear including "Exclude shipping destinataires from your ads", click on "Modify" and tick the countries you wish to ban from your delivery zone.

Be careful : By default, the international shipping is not set up in BeezUP but once you've entered at least one international Shipping service, the shipping will be available for all the world.

This is why you must set up the authorized delivery zone before adding an international shipping service. Once it's done, you can contact us or refer to the case above in order to add an international shipping service

Important : If your "Terms & Conditions Manager" is active , it's possible that the exclusions set up are not correctly taken into account, if so, you have to deactivate it here

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