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Urgent cases
How to contact customer service?
New VAT legislation - Directive 2017/2455: What are the impacts?
Amazon : frequent questions & mistakes
How can I contact BeezUP technical support team?
What are BeezUP different publication methods?
Sales season - How to prepare your feeds?
Cross-stores view : what can you see & do
Parallel tracking: explanations & instructions
How can I change my store information ?
How can I change my details?
How to share my store?
How can I add a store?
How to delete a store?
Where can I see my invoices?
How can I change my credit card?
How can I change my offer?
How to terminate my offer?
How can I change my password?
I lost my password, what can I do?
My export feed is empty, what can I do ?
Excel: How to open properly an export feed + FAQ.
Some of my importations are in Error, what can I do?
Is it possible to have examples of catalogs in XML and CSV/TXT?
How can I know the coding of my catalog?
How can I remove tracking for a given channel ?
The diode "tracking" is red, what does it mean?
What are the payment modes proposed by BeezUP?
Where can I find my StoreID?
Some orders have not been finalized, how can we cancel them in BeezUP ?
The diode "Exportation of the catalog" is glowing red, what does it mean?
How to add a new channel ?
Le Guide - How can I update my images ?
Logistic Class for "MIRAKL" marketplaces
Products with parents/children variations relationships
eBay : frequent questions & mistakes
Price Minister : frequent questions & mistakes
Channel V2: all you need to know