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Logistic Class for "MIRAKL" marketplaces
Logistic Class for "MIRAKL" marketplaces
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When they synchronize products to a Mirakl marketplace, the field "logistic-class" is often mandatory.

This field wait the name of the logistic profil set in your Mirakl backoffice, it is therefore important to pay close attention to it.

To know which value to set for your products, go to the backoffice of your marketplace Mirakl, then clic on "Information" in the horizontal menu.

A menu will appear, in which all the possible logistic family will be visible.

For example: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, or Fam A, Fam B, Fam C.

Attention: each marketplace have specifics family values. It is imperative to consult them to avoid shipping errors..

If no family suits you, contact the marketplace so that they could study the possibility of adding one.

Attention: Also remember to activate the logistics classes you want to us, for that go to "My Account > Settings > Shipping".

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