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Cross-stores view : what can you see & do
Cross-stores view : what can you see & do
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You have several stores attached to your BeezUP account?

BeezUP allows you - through top left menu - to change store easily but also to enable "All stores" view.


This mode, once selected, allows you to consult for all your stores data from the 3 following pages: statistics, importations and orders:
- Dashboard
- Importation
- Orders

Moreover, thanks to "Duplicate settings page" you can copy settings from one store to the other:
- Columns mapping: providing that for channel & catalog columns, identical name and/or common BeezUP column can be found on target store.
- Categories mapping: providing that catalog category has same names in both source & target stores and that channel categories have either name or category code in common.
- Filters: providing that catalog columns have the same names on source & target stores.

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