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How can I change my details?
How can I change my details?
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To update your personal and professional details, go to “Account > Details”.


1 - Change your personal details


1. Change your personal details

2. Save

2 - Change your password


1. Write your old password

2. Your new password

3. Confirm your new password

4. Save

If your lost your password, we advise you to go on the home page and to enter your email address and you will receive your password.

3 - Change your company details

  • Click on “Company" tab, then on “See and edit company details” link

  • Within the subscription management area, click on “Billing & Shipping Addresses” :

  • After another click you get to the editing : edit your details and click on “Update"

Also if you want to receive your bills on a specific email (in addition to the email used to create your account) you have to indicate it here.

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