In order to cancel your subscription to BeezUP, you have to click on "Cancel subscription" from the account you used to subscribe to BeezUP.

This can be done in 2 steps :

1 - Click on "Offer", accessible at the top right (selfcare zone), then "Action" in front of your offer, and finally click on "Cancel Subscription".


2 - Confirm your cancellation of the offer, indicating the reason for your departure.


Once these actions done, you'll be redirected towards " Account > Offer "page with a confirmation banner indicating the date on which your cancellation will be effective.

Note : This termination will be effective at the end of the commitment date of your previous offer.

Anytime you can see your commitment period on this page : " Account / Offer "

You can cancel your termination by clicking on "Cancel my offer change"


Do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you happened to need more infos about your offer.

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