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My export feed is empty, what can I do ?
My export feed is empty, what can I do ?
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An empty export feed can be due to different settings issues.

There is the list of what you have to check:


1 - Your source catalog is empty

2 - Publication switch is on OFF

3 - Mapping incomplete

4 - Missing categories

5 - Filters on the export feed

a) Custom filter

b) The "out of stock" filter

6 - Optimisation

1 - Your source catalog is empty

Go to the "Importation" tab, select your catalog URL and copy paste it in your browser. If the returned page contains only the headings of your catalog, then you don't have any product in it.

You can also go to "Dashboard" and see in "Last Imports" the number of products. An empty feed will

return 0 product.


You can find more information about how to create and import your product catalog in the forum - Installation guide.

If your catalog is not empty, you can go to the "Channels" tab.

2 - Publication switch is on OFF

Your publication switch has to be on ON so that the export feed can be activated, if on OFF, you'll land on a page indicating "Export is not active"


3 - Mapping incomplete

If the mapping diode is red, your mapping is incomplete, meaning that at list one required field is missing.


When you go to the mapping page, the missing required field is reported in an orange banner on top of the page.


For all required fields, you have to select your fields in the dropdown lists so that they fit channel ones. If none of your fields in the list matches channel ones, you can create a personalized field.

More information about the mapping here.

4 - Missing categories

Some network required categorization.

The diode category is red.

It can be red for two different reasons : 1: you did not indicate the cost of your category.

2: you did not do the categorization and it's required.

It's necessary to click on it to know why it's red. If the network requires a categorization you'll find more information here.


5 - Filters on the export feed

Filters allow you to decide whether or not you want to export some products for each channel.

There are two types of filters in Beezup :

a ) Custom filters

If your export feed is empty, maybe all your catalog is concerned by one filter. You can manage your filters in "Channels", then click on " Product Exclusions".

More information about exclusions here.

b ) The "out of stock" filter

At the end of the mapping, you can tick a box saying "do not export out of stock products"


The "out of stock" result is based on the field "Availabity" or "Stock" depending on channels. Check out your mapping if the box is checked.

6 - Optimisation

You can deactivate categories or individual products in the optimisation tab.

Check "product" and then "create the report" and see if your products are online or not. If all product diodes is red, it means products are not going to be displayed on any of your networks.


More information about optimisation here.

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