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Some of my importations are in Error, what can I do?
Some of my importations are in Error, what can I do?
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If you face a problem with the importation of your catalog, the "Error" label will appear on the status column, instead of "Success".

You will see this information on the «History» section of the «Importation» menu:

An error can appear when:

  • An importation is interrupted during the download

  • The server that hosts the catalog is not available, so we cannot recover your feed.

  • The catalog has structure problems, so that it cannot be read properly (for example, xml unclosed label, inconsistent CSV separator, etc.).

  • You change the importation source of your catalog (local importation, via FTP).

  • You change the column separator of your catalog without doing the proper modification on BeezUP.

  • You change the name of columns that are being used on the mega-mapping.

⚠️ Please, do not modify your feed structure once it has been imported a first time by BeezUP system. ⚠️

If you have to change it, please contact us BEFORE doing the change.

Note: when an import is in Error, we will keep the last successfully imported feed. This means your products are still present on BeezUP.

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