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How can I add a store?
How can I add a store?

Add your first store to BeezUP in just a few clicks

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To add a store, please go to Account > Stores > Add Store

1. Enter the store name, the URL (please do not forget the extension to make sure your URL will be validated) and the country.

Note: Each store created is available for only one country (if you wish several countries, you will have to create new stores)

2. Chose the categories your store belongs to.

3. Click on "Add" to create your store.

Your store is created, and you are now redirected to your BeezUP store's home page.

⏩ Click here for more information.


Adding a new store works the same as adding your first store.

⚠️ Be careful : You can only add a certain number of store (limited by your current offer). If you wish to change your offer, so you can add more stores, please contact our Customer Service. This implies additional costs.

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